Water Damage Home Florida

Precautions to Take When Your Home Has Been Damaged Due To Floods

Flooding in the area where you live can pose a serious problem for homeowners as it brings on health risks. One of the leading causes for weather- related deaths in America is flash flooding.

There are certain measures you can take to protect your property when there are flooding.

Safety and security is important when anticipating floods

It is always advisable to secure your home against flood damage. The first precaution to take is to ensure that you do not build your homes in areas that may be high-risk. Check out the regulations and avoid flood zone areas. Make sure that there are no cracks or crevices in the walls as this could allow the water to get into the home. Make sure to seal them well.

Get your property insured against floods

One of the most important steps to take is to obtain the appropriate coverage for flood insurance. One should never under estimate the power of flowing water as it moves faster than it appears and can even carry a person away. Make sure to explain dangers associated with flooding to your employees or children. Make a note of the West Palm Beach Flooding company and let the family members know how to get in touch with them in an emergency.

Keep abreast with the media

You should talk to your neighbors and share any information and experience that you may have and be prepared for the same. Remove all debris and fallen leaves from storm grates, flap gates and street drains to avoid clogging. If you have evacuated from the premises and are returning to your home after the flood, make sure to check for structural damage before you enter the home. Look out for gas leaks, live wires and electrical shorts.

Take precautions when re-entering the home after a flood

There may be a gas leak so be careful and use only flashlights when you re-enter the home.

Call the gas company if you find that the gas is still switched off. Get a professional from the West Palm Beach flooding company to check if the heating system and other appliances, including the electrical panels are working properly.

Call your West Palm Beach flooding service provider and let them know the problem you are facing. You should also:

  • Move all the valuable items in the home to a higher level.
  • Place plastic sheeting or sandbags in front of the doorways.
  • Prevent the back-flow of sewer water by sealing off the sewer lines to the property.
  • When you install electrical boxes, water heaters, furnaces and washing machines, make sure to elevate the location to a place where there are less chances of flooding.

Here are some safety tips to help you clean up after there has been a flood:

  1. Clean the walls and floors with hard surface using soap and water. Add a disinfectant to the water.
  2. Wash all your clothes including linen in hot water and dry them out thoroughly.
  3. Disinfect all surfaces that may come in contact with children including their play areas.
  4. Dry out large mattress and furniture that is upholstered in the sun.
  5. Carpets should be steam-cleaned.
  6. Replace fiberboard and all fibrous insulation if it has been contaminated with floodwater.
  7. This should also be done if sewage water has made contact with the air conditioning system and heating.
  8. Do not walk in this water without wearing protective gear.
  9. Discard material than cannot be salvaged or dried thoroughly.

Boil the drinking water and throw out all food that has been lying in the refrigerator.

We want you to be able to return to your normal work schedule and activities as soon as possible. Floods are quite traumatic enough, and we know that when you don’t have access to your home or office, you’re losing income. Call Titan Restoration Construction at 561-345-3751.

Flood Damaged Home Florida

Problems Caused By Water Damage and Ways to Control the Situation

Properties in Florida have escalated in value as many people prefer to relocate to the sunny state and enjoy the three seasons. Many homeowners sign up with a public adjuster or a reputed service provider for water damage restoration to ensure that they remain protected against the problems arising from water damage Palm Beach gardens.

A water damage restoration service will inspect the damage using probes and other water sensing equipment such as infrared tools to determine the extent and source of damage. They are expert in drying out the structures, sanitizing contaminated areas and deodorizing all materials in the area. They bring in dehumidifiers, air movers and scrubbers and equipment to dry out the floor and floors. They may take about three days to complete the restoration work and will then assess the situation and make a reevaluation of the damages.

Water damage can be categorized in three ways:

  • Water damage Palm Beach Gardens identified from a sanitary source which can flow from a broken water supply line such as a tank, faucet or even bottled water. Depending on other factors such as temperature and time, contamination may build up when items come in contact with water.
  • Water flow from toilet overflow or from washing machines and dishwashers. Here again, this type of water damage can cause certain types of illness especially if urine or dirty water comes in contact with certain areas in the home and get contaminated due to temperature or when water remains stagnant for a long time.
  • When there is a flooding from streams or rivers or if a toilet trap is broken, stagnant water containing feces, urine and dirt from outside can cause microbial growth than results in grave illness and sometimes death.

How to check for mold in the home

Mold generally appears as a fuzzy growth and will appear on ceilings and walls in various shades ranging from gray, black, green, brown or yellow. The growth may appear smooth and velvety or rough and leathery and these signs are generally noticed where there is standing water, a water leak, stain or when there is condensation. The other areas that attracts mold are drain lines, furnaces and air conditioners.

How to guard against mold when there is water damage in the building

The first step is to ensure that the quality of air indoors is clean. When there are leaks or flooding, moisture enters and triggers different types of allergic reactions and disease. The members of the family can suffer health-risks long-term if the mold formation is not controlled quickly.
Remove all traces of standing water found in the house. Materials that have become wet due to flooding or leaks should be removed from the area.
Use protective gear when cleaning or trying to remove mold.
Points to consider when hiring a professional service company to take care of the water damage restoration:

It is very important to check if the service provider is licensed and qualified to try out techniques with the right equipment. It is in your right to make a background check and get referrals before signing the contract. Ask your friends, family members or colleagues if they can recommend the best service provider for handling water damage Palm Beach Gardens.

During the restoration process, the technicians should move the equipment to different areas that are affected and monitor the working to ensure that each area is dry. Since each case of water damage is unique, it is important that they review the situation and make the right decision on restoring the damage.

If you have water damage, call Titan Restoration Construction at (561) 345-3751 so we can begin the restoration process.