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How to Rebuild Your Home after A Flood Disaster and Learn From Your Mistakes

Once you have undergone a flooding experience, you will be more cautious in the future. You will be traumatized at the disaster caused by a hurricane or a sewer overflow. Your house may be flooded due to negligence and a family member may have undergone a serious health crisis.

Your first duty is to your family members. You should provide support for each one in the house especially after the devastating experience that you have faced together. Stress may be temporary but it can have long lasting effects. Talk to each other and share your stress and anxieties. Talk to your children factually and help them deal with the fear and reassure them.

Take the right steps to provide further damage

It is time to take steps to get your home and property back in order. The floods may have caused major hazards including damage to the structure and electrical power in the home. The first thing to do is to hire an experienced Boynton Beach flooding company to assess the flood damage and make sure you can enter the home.

It is important to check if the structure is sound before you enter the home. Do not enter the home if there is standing water near the outside walls of the home. The front door may be swollen tight or there may be debris behind the door that does not allow it to open naturally. Be careful of mud or water that makes the floor slippery. Many reptiles and rodents may find their way looking for shelter in your home.

Hire the best service provider in your area

Call the Boynton Beach flooding service provider to check all the problems before you bring your family back to the home. You may have to shut off the electricity supply while they check the home. Before you disconnect the wiring you will have to check with the local authorities.

It is important to call the insurance agent to check the damage of the contents in the home. Make out an inventory for filing a claim. As the agent if you can contact the adjuster and get a comprehensive cost for repairing the damage to your belongings in the home.

Use the right materials to repair damages

Sealed Garbage ContainerMake arrangements to get the clean up started by contacting the Boynton Beach flooding service company. Consult the professionals and get expert advice on how to rebuild your home and make it flood proof. They will suggest cost-effective measures that you should heed to ensure that you and your family are protected the next time there is flooding in the area.

Make sure that you use flood proofing materials if you plan to continue living in the same house. You have an option of moving to a safer area. Make sure to follow the local building codes when you reconstruct your home.

Make sure to store garbage far away from water and food in a container with a tight fitting lid in case the pickup truck does not get to the area for a few days. If you notice any animal waste or asbestos anywhere, report this to the city authorities.

Ensure that your family is safe in a healthy environment

Get advice from your service provider on home maintenance and repair. Get referrals from friend and colleagues when you are trying to source out the best service provider in the area. Ask for an estimate and if they offer you a reasonable rate for their service, go along with them. Titan Restoration Construction, a professional company, will be able to guide you on the insurance process and help you rebuild your home with state-of-the art material that will protect you from subsequent flood disasters.  Call us at 561-345-3751 for great results!

Mold damaged wall

Titan Knows how to Repair Your Home or Business after Mold Damage and Remediation

Mold is a bio-hazard that grows in almost any environment, indoors and out, as long as there is adequate moisture. Because it is found everywhere, it can grow quickly when conditions inside your home are altered because of a broken sump pump, storm damage, or any other reason that permits water to enter into your home. When mold becomes a problem because of overgrowth, it will soon cause damage to a home’s interior structures. After remediation is complete, this damage must be repaired so your home can be restored to its pre-damaged state.

Titan Restoration Construction has a well-deserved reputation for rebuilding and restoring homes and commercial properties at or above local building code requirements. This includes those homes and business sites that have had extensive mold damage in West Palm Beach. After remediation, damaged areas need to be eliminated. This is because spores and mycotoxins can still be present after remediation. Although reduced greatly in number, these substances can still create health effects in individuals who live and work in such locations. Repairs and reconstruction will also greatly decrease the chances of mold growths returning, even if moisture levels become temporarily elevated in the future.

Titan Restoration Construction has the skilled and experienced technicians needed to repair your home the correct way and help you regain the ambiance your home had before. From simple drywall repairs, including tear-downs and re-installations, painting, papering, and trim, such as chair rails and baseboards, to support systems that need to be rebuilt in order to securely support your home’s interior structures, to exterior walls and Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) that have become compromised, we have your needs covered. Repairs are not just completed to the bare minimum, but to regain and restore the look that your family has come to know as ‘home.’ Similarly, if your business has been affected, your customers have come to depend on your physical store’s location, and we will work quickly and efficiently to make sure you are able to reopen your doors as soon as possible.

Vertical Support Beam constructionWalls must be restabilized on their interiors, through both horizontal and vertical support beams. These need to be solid, with no trace of mold growth, decay or other deterioration. While remediation works well in removing a great deal of mold, spores can still remain and then begin to grow again if moisture is ever introduced to an area occupied by mold. We can rebuild walls, including those with windows of any shape, recessed areas, lighting fixtures, and any other architectural refinements. We finish these to match the rest of the original décor in your home or business, including the minor details that were originally meant to be a part of it.

Interior walls are not the only location in your home or business that have support structures. The load-bearing supports also need to be examined to make sure that there is no issues or problems with their integrity or strength. These rarely need to be replaced, but major problems can arise if they are left in place when they should be removed because of mold damage in West Palm Beach properties.

Floors and ceilings will also need to be replaced at times, and their interior structures will be examined for mold damage. Visible mold growth does not always accurately determine where mold growth has occurred on the interior structures – sometimes mold can be hidden inside, and not show on the floor or ceiling, and at other times, the interior structure will be clean and free of mold.

Exterior walls can also be damaged by mold. The damage can occur at one or more locations, the exterior, the middle, or the interior but exposed side of the wall. These walls that make up our home or business’s exterior are also what others have come to associate you with. This is part of your and your family’s persona and should be restored to its true beauty. We are experts in restoring all types of exterior walls, from the interior side through the insulating components to the exterior face. With businesses, we understand that building components are slightly different and can work with you in regards to any security issues that may need to be worked around as we restore your exterior walls, windows, and other aspects of your business.

Construction is not just an occupation to us, but an art-form that relies heavily on architectural science and technology. At Titan Restoration Construction, we understand the changes that construction has undergone over time, and we can bring that knowledge to your project, regardless of the age of your home or business. This can help protect your investment while ensuring the protective aspects inherent in any home or building are restored to their previous strength.

Many mold remediation firms only provide that service – mold remediation, leaving you with many repairs that need to be completed. While some will remove the mold damaged areas, others will not. Because of this, you need Titan Restoration Construction to make your house a home again. During the process of mold remediation, make sure to call us at Titan Restoration Construction for your West Palm Beach mold repairs. You can reach us at 561-345-3751. If we are out of the office, please leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible.

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Fire Safety Tips to Follow To Save Further Damage and Prevent Injuries

A fire in a home or workplace can start due to carelessness on the part of a family member or employee. Everyone is responsible in a home or office to keep the environment safe. Here are a few safety tips that you should follow to prevent fire damage in Boynton Beach.

  • If you use candles in the home, you should make sure to put off the flame before you leave the area.
  • Some candle holders are not sturdy and may topple over or collapse.
  • Candles should never be kept in an area where there is a draft.
  • Blow out the flame gently without splattering the hot wax.
  • If a candle burns for a long time, there is a likelihood of the wick setting fire in the area.
  • If you are a smoker, you should always make sure to stub out the cigarette before you leave the room or go to bed.
  • Make sure you operate the microwave oven only when there is food inside.
  • All appliances in the kitchen should be checked periodically, kept in a clean condition.
  • The wires should not fray. Change them if the copper wire gets exposed.
  • If you notice the grease pan catching fire, do not try to dowse it by pouring water. Use a lid to cover the pan and turn the stove off.
  • Keep flammable material away from heating appliances and stoves.
  • Shut off the stove if you are leaving the kitchen to attend to something else.

By taking corrective action, you can prevent fires in the home or workplace. It is important to plan ahead in case a fire breaks out in the house.

  • Make sure to plan an escape route and go through the drill with all the family members.
  • Close the bedroom door when you go to sleep. You will not be exposed to smoke and heat in case a fire breaks out.
  • Instruct family members that it is important to crawl under the smoke and escape by dropping to the ground in case there is a fire.
  • Instruct family members to call the fire department or dial 911 in case of fire.
  • Try to use the neighbor’s phone to call the fire damage Boynton Beach responders as it is highly unsafe to enter a building that is burning.

Once you move into a new apartment or home, one of the first things to do is to identify the emergency responders for fire, water, and other damages that can occur in the area. Keep the list handy or punch it into your phone so that you can speed dial them in a case of emergency. Fire damage restoration is a complex task that can be handled only be fire damage professionals. Care has to be taken especially when toxic gases are released.

Use the services of a recommended service company

Do not hesitate to call the restoration company and get the experienced professionals to come to your rescue. The professionals you select should be certified and competent to carry out the tasks. Most of these companies are directly connected to insurance companies, and this helps to hasten the process and get past the red tape. Experiencing fires can be devastating experiences especially when you see something you covet go up in flames.

Stay calm and do not create a panic especially if there are other people in the building. Call Titan Resoration Construction to restore your fire damaged home or office at 561-345-3751.