8 Advantages of Professional Drain Cleaning

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Clogged and smelly drains are common household issues. Slow drains and gurgling sinks in your bathroom or kitchen are warning signs of clogs; most individuals ignore this or resort to DIY drain cleaning. Professional drain cleaning is not a priority for most homeowners, especially when compared to carpet cleaning. 

Homeowners usually overlook the fact that drain pipes are used 24/7, and the system needs professional maintenance at least once a year.  

While you may believe that DIY drain cleaning can save you money and time, it could cost you in the long run. Flushing down that industry-grade drain cleaning solution could be a temporary solution. Sooner or later, you need your drain professionally inspected and cleaned. Considering the benefits of professional drain cleaning is a must if your gutters have not been professionally inspected for a while.  

Eliminates unwanted odors

Nasty odors at home, especially from drainage systems, are common nuisances and a major sign of clogs in your drain pipes backed up by soap scum, dirt, grime, hair, grease, and other organic matters. A minor blockage can prevent the flushing down of these filthy materials to the main sewer. Unbearable odors within the house often result when the bacteria take over such organic matter stuck in the pipes or spigots.

Masking odors using dehumidifiers and room fresheners are just a temporary solution that could make matters worse in the long run. A foul smell from the sink or bathroom indicates that you need your drain pipes professionally cleaned. Professional drain cleaning lets you eliminate such nasty odors for good.

Prevents the possibility of clogs

Cleaning the drain pipes with the right equipment and expertise helps to eliminate the chances of future clogs. Professional drain cleaners use custom solutions to clean the drain systems based on different factors, including the type of pipe material, accessibility, and other environmental factors. Cleaning the plumbing system to achieve the cleanliness that it had when installed helps to prevent the possibility of future clogs or at least prolongs the occurrence of future clogs.

Prevents unexpected damage

Drainpipe clogs, if overlooked, can raise serious concerns. A major clog in any of the drain pipes in a crawl area can start leaking with time, which in turn helps contaminated water to seep through to the attic or walls. In the long run, this can damage your walls, floors, and pipes. An unexpected bursting of a clogged pipe is another nightmare that is always on the cards.

Keeps health concerns at bay 

A leak in a clogged pipe can circulate water through to neighboring materials, be it be wall or carpet. Infected water finding its way through to walls, wooden floors, or carpet can be the best recipe for mold growth. Mold colonies can go undetected for prolonged periods. Even after you have eliminated the clogs in your pipe, microscopic mold spores can continue affecting your health. Some of the major mold-related health concerns are:

  • Dry cough
  • Sore throat
  • Wheezing
  • Blurry vision
  • Itchy eyes
  • Respiratory issues

In addition to this, infected water and surroundings attract pests and rodents that can bring additional health concerns. Cleaning the drainage system professionally helps you address all such health concerns.

Saves time and money

A professional drain cleaner can be a godsend when it comes to saving future costs. Overlooking a clogged drain can cost you big in terms of burst pipes, water bills, water contamination, and damaged drainage systems. The worse, it gets more time a professional cleaner needs to address the issue; add in the time you invested in trying some DIY tips on top of that to get an idea of what you could save if you act wisely.

Prevents damage to floors and walls 

Water leaks from a blocked pipe or drainage system can seep in under the tile or walls; this could pose a severe threat to the property’s structural integrity with time. Mold growth is another factor that makes things much worse; a mold-infected wall is usually completely replaced compared to stripping and replacing only a portion of the infected wall.

Keeps Your Pipes Healthy

Cleaning the clogged pipes professionally prolongs their age and durability. If residue remains in the pipe for long, it leads to corrosion, leaks, and damages. Flushing strong cleaning chemicals as part of the DIY drain cleaning process can also damage the pipe. Using the wrong chemical can trigger a chemical reaction that emits hazardous fumes.

Speeds up Drainage

Slow drainage is a major sign of clogged drains. Slow drains force you to short showers, the frequent plunging of toilets and kitchen sinks. A professional can help you eliminate all the issues caused by an impending clog.

Be mindful of what it takes when it comes to maintaining the drain at your house. Foresee in terms of costs and time and compare it with what DIY techniques can help you achieve and for how long. Choose the feasible option that’s available.


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