Step by Step Guide to Claiming Commercial Property Fire

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Being a business owner is challenging, you have important decisions to make while putting your finance at risk on most occasions.

Consider yourself fortunate if you do not have to place a fire damage insurance claim.  However, commercial accidents, especially, fire mishaps are unforeseen, difficult to tackle, and often trigger hefty bills.

It is ideal to hope that you would not come across such mishaps, but at the same time, it is smart to have an action plan in place in case things go wrong.

Bringing the situation under control

During the event of a commercial fire breakout, the first thing to do is to ensure that all the employees are safe.

An emergency fire evacuation training is a must and all your employees should be provided sufficient training/information on what they should do in case of an unexpected fire.

Designating fire wardens and conducting mock drills are recommended means to train your employees about fire evacuation actions and precautions.

You can also take some measures to thwart further property damage while ensuring you are following all the precautionary and safety measures.

Cutting the electrical supply to the building and turning on any manual sprinklers or taking precautionary steps to prevent fire spread to storerooms can help.

Notify emergency services and fire brigades immediately.

Contact your insurance agent

Insurance agents can be a godsend in case of commercial fire damages. An experienced insurance agent knows what they are dealing with and the overall impact. This will help when it comes to starting the claim process as soon as possible and getting it approved without any hiccups.

An experienced insurance agent is always aware of the different terms, conditions, and loopholes, if any, which will even help you to foresee expected outcomes or correspondences.

Without an insurance agent, you need to take up the task of reviewing the disclosure statement and other policy outline documents related to your claim to ensure that you are eligible to make a claim and the event is not excluded from your policy.

Prepare documentation

The next step is to prepare the fire damage claim documentation; this is where your insurance agent has to carry out some paperwork. You can assist by providing all the relevant documentation/evidence including police statements, invoices, and photographs.

Bear in mind more the supporting documents or evidence that you can provide, the smoother will be the assessment of your claim with less back and forth correspondence.

Finalizing your claim

Most insurers will work with a qualified insurance assessor to validate your claim. Insurance assessors act on behalf of the insurer to evaluate your loss and its value. The insurer takes the final decision based on the report from the insurance assessor.

Your insurance agent can help you negotiate with the insurance assessor and come to terms with respect to the scope of work and repair quotes.

Fire damage cleanup

Fire damage cleanup is a big step. Most businesses suffering fire damage comes to a stand-still. Getting the doors open as quickly as possible is substantial for both the business and the employees.

This is where a fire damage cleanup professional can come in handy. Any experienced fire damage cleanup company can perform the tasks smoothly, efficiently while adhering to the standard protocols.

Business fire damage can wreck trigger and bring the financial channels to a standstill, act smart, and quickly to make sure that you are back on your feet as quickly as possible.


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