What Damage Can Be Caused By A Fire At Home?

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A fire outbreak is an unexpected occurrence that occurs when it is least expected. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NPFA), there were 499,000 structure fires in the United States, necessitating adequate fire safety measures.

A home fire outbreak is always damaging and devastating because it can result in the destruction of valuables and even home fire deaths. House fires can cause the physical destruction of valuable properties such as:

  • furniture
  • kitchen utensils
  • electronics,
  • clothes, etc.

Aside from that, there are numerous things that can go wrong with the building, necessitating the immediate attention of professionals to assess the level of damage and make necessary repairs.

Below are the damages a fire at home can cause.

The Presence of Toxic Fume

Most of the time, it is not the flames that kill people during a fire, but the presence of smoke caused by the fire. Life is dependent on oxygen and will cease to exist in a few seconds if the supply of oxygen is cut off. When smoke is produced in an area due to a fire, the oxygen supply is cut off, resulting in death.

Furthermore, some building materials contain toxic chemicals, and when the fire burns the materials, a toxic fume is released; even after the fire is extinguished, the toxic fume originating from the chemical remains in the air at home. Inhaling such toxic fumes or smoke into the body is hazardous to one’s health.

However, professional home rebuilders and necessary clearances from appropriate authorities are required to repair your home. In this case, you would need to contact a fire marshal, a fire inspector, or a certified home rebuilder to assess the damage. The duty here is to evaluate the air quality.

Even if you believe your home is safe because you don’t see or feel any type of air contaminant, toxic fumes may still be present. This can only be determined by hiring professional home builders who use their techniques to make a decision. These toxic fumes can be extremely harmful, making you sick or even killing you.

Structural Damage

A home that has been subjected to intense heat from a wildfire is likely to have structural damage that, if not properly repaired, could lead to collapse. This can cut through various parts, such as the floor, the roof, the wall, the attic (if there is one), and so on. Any part of the building can be affected, and it takes skilled hands to restore the affected areas to livable conditions. Even if it is not visible to the homeowner, a professional understands it and is prepared to fix it.

Water Damage

The thing is, when a house or other property is on fire and the fire department is on the scene spraying water to put it out, what matters to them is that the fire is put out, regardless of where the water touches. Water from the large volume released by the firefighters is likely to reach places where there is no fire. When the fire is successfully extinguished, the implication is that even areas that did not catch fire will be flooded.

Furthermore, water can have an impact on your home even if it does not catch fire. Nonetheless, because you were a neighbor to the house on fire, the firefighters sprayed water on your house to prevent fire ignition caused by the intense heat released by the nearby flames. Finally, you’ve messed up your house with water. This can cause significant damage to your home.

This type of damage necessitates the use of professional home rebuilders to restore the property, utilizing their equipment, experience, and other resources.

The Presence of Toxic Fume

Sometimes even after the home fires incident, some people try on their own to repair the house and return to stay. Many factors could be responsible for this, but the question is, how safe is the home after the fire incident? A fire would almost certainly make a home unsafe. As a result, it is critical to question the house’s safety before re-occupying it as a living space. Nobody does this except a professional home inspector or rebuilder equipped with the necessary tools and techniques to determine the home’s suitability for human habitation.


house fire


Mold Grows

Water spraying in your home as a result of a fire will cause moisture to form in various locations throughout the house. This moisture provides a breeding ground for mold to develop and grow, and it can spread to cover a large area, including walls, furniture, carpets, sheetrock, papers, and other surfaces. If left unchecked, this mold can spread widely and pose a serious health risk to you and your family, especially if a member of the household has a respiratory condition or is asthmatic.

This mold is not the same as the mold you’ve been removing from your home’s tile whenever possible. Because it is caused by a large amount of water being sprayed into your home as a result of a fire, it requires professional help to deal with it and restore the place to its original state.

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