Mold Inspection Services in Palm Beach Gardens

by | Jan 18, 2017 | Mold Damage

At the beginning of the week, you notice a tiny black spot on your bathroom wall above the shower. A spot small enough that you do not pay it much mind. You go about your day normally, breakfast, work, dinner, bed, a little entertainment in between. You do this for two more days, by the fourth day, looking up again while you are in the shower, there is not a small spot anymore. Instead, there is a large mold infested corner of your ceiling staring back at you. Knowing that this is not something you can ignore any longer, you contact a local company for help.

Mold exists everywhere in our environment naturally. We give you access to industry leading mold inspection experts for your Palm Beach Gardens home. Expertly trained technicians that help mitigate the quantity of microscopic spores entering your home and control humidity levels indoors to ensure a healthy environment for your family.

At TITAN RESTORATION CONSTRUCTION we recommend using HEPA filters in your ventilation system to catch microscopic spores that cause these issues in your home. However, that is just one of the first steps in preventing these kinds of events from becoming a problem. We use moisture control methods to prevent mold spores from forming new growths and colonies in your home. By repairing broken water sources and providing the right amount of ventilation, you can avoid costly restoration work.

Without the proper steps in preventing the creation of an environment where these spores flourish, mold remediation services become necessary. We help keep the costs of these repairs low by offering a full-service experience. We have experience in handling jobs of this type in all shapes and sizes; TITAN RESTORATION CONSTRUCTION provides you with all of the repair services needed to return your home to a quality pre-mold condition.

, Mold Inspection Services in Palm Beach Gardens, Titan Restoration ConstructionWe highly advise against attempting to mitigate these issues on your own. While you may stop the spread of mold by dousing the area with the correct bleach solution, mycotoxins remain intact, affecting individuals in the home. The drywall, sheetrock, concrete and wood needs to be removed and replaced to fully recover the area that is at risk of excessive mycotoxins and mold spores. Until then, this infection lingers in the area, waiting for certain conditions to return and strike again.

TITAN RESTORATION CONSTRUCTION technicians take great pride in our work. We enjoy offering you quality services on such a precious resource and treat you and your home with respect and care, this is your home, and we understand that even the smallest details make a huge difference. Our technician’s number one goal is to meet or exceed your initial expectations and have you return to us again, should you require more work in the future.

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