Titan Restoration Construction is Your Fire Damage Restoration Experts

Rebuilding after a fire must begin with cleaning out and eliminating areas that are beyond repair or restoration so that they can be replaced with completely new materials. This can be an extremely arduous task. Titan Restoration Construction crews can quickly, professionally, and skillfully remove damaged areas and then restore your home. To help you even further, we will maintain an inventory list of those items that have been damaged beyond repair or restoration, requiring their replacement, so that you can provide this documentation to your insurance provider. Fire brings about many changes, and we are experienced in assisting families and business owners through the difficult aspects of the damage caused by fire. We have many experienced past firefighters on our staff.

Fire Damaged House Florida

There are many different sources of fires, and these can result in varying degrees of damage to your home or business depending on heat, flames, and fuel. Electrical shorts in outlets, wires that have been chewed on by rodents, and even faulty appliances, including electric blankets, can start fires. Direct flames from candles can also start fires that can quickly take over an entire room, and then spread even further.

It is a rare fire that does not create several thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Soot is messy, clings to everything, and is not easily cleaned from most surfaces. Those that are easily cleaned, particularly smooth surfaces such as metal finishes and glass, tabletops, counters, and porcelain and metal items such as tubs, sinks, and large appliances, can have their surfaces quickly corroded by the abrasiveness of soot.

While soot may feel greasy and smooth to the touch, it is actuality very gritty. The particles in soot are very minute, but they are also extremely sharp.

Titan Restoration Construction has the professionals who can quickly and efficiently take on any size fire damage and begin the process towards rebuilding your once-bright home or office to its original beauty. Smoke and soot ofter require more replacement and cleaning than the damage caused by the flames.

Fire Damage Restoration Florida

Codes and Regulations

While you may believe everything is a total loss, we can help you with not only cleaning, but also with rebuilding. We are experts in the field of rebuilding from the ground up after a fire has damaged a building or a home.

We will ensure that structural requirements are met, as well as any other municipal or other local government codes and regulations. We are experienced in all aspects of the rebuilding process, including the proverbial ‘red tape.’

From small areas involving only one room to multiple stories, Titan Restoration Construction is the company to trust. Our experience in fire damage restoration includes all sizes and types of homes and businesses, warehouses, and factories. Call Titan Restoration Construction at (561) 345-3751 to both restore and reconstruct your fire damaged property now.