Retail Facilities Water Damage Restoration in West Palm Beach, FL

Ironically, the Sunshine State is no stranger to rising sea levels that flood residential and commercial properties. If you own a retail store, this flooding can spell disaster for your establishment. Each flood can close down your livelihood for weeks to months at a time, jeopardizing your income and the security of your family. 

Whether you’re preparing to batten down the hatches or you’re looking for a quick but effective solution to an already existing concern, turn to our retail facilities water damage restoration in West Palm Beach, FL. At Titan Restoration Construction, we are proud to have the best water damage restoration experts in West Palm Beach—and they’re at your service for any job, around the clock.

How to Notice Water Damage in Your Retail Store

If you have a busted pipe in your bathroom, a leak near your HVAC unit, or repercussions from a natural flood, you may notice signs of mold. On top of a greyish fuzzy growth, you’ll also smell a musty stench. 

Problems with your plumbing can also lead to water stains on your premises or a running water sound when your water system is not in use. 

While minor problems won’t slow your business down initially, mold can put the well-being of your customers and employees at risk. It can contribute to skin irritation, allergies, and asthma over time. What’s more, water leaks in your walls or unclean water from floods can cause your wooden structures to decay. 

To prevent the Health Department from shutting down your retail store or the deterioration of your second home, count on our retail facilities water damage restoration in West Palm Beach, FL.

Our Procedures at Titan Restoration Construction

Upon learning about your commercial water damage, the first thing you should do is call our experts at Titan Restoration Construction. Our restoration team will sniff out the evidence, whether it’s mold or rotting material, and trace it back to a burst pipe or stagnant water. 

After providing cleaning services, including mold remediation and water extraction and drying, we’ll purify the air to remove pollutants. Finally, we’ll get to work tearing out damaged structures and fixtures, including: 

  • Walls
  • Carpeted or wooden floors
  • Ceilings
  • Cabinets
  • Sinks
  • Pipes 

Our trained technicians will leave your retail store with high-quality equipment and none of the hassle of haggling with the insurance company. We’ll reach out to them directly while you get back to what matters.

Rely on Our Restoration Team

At Titan Restoration Construction, our goal is to return everything, from your foundation to your display cases and goods, to pre-loss conditions. Our quality retail facilities water damage restoration services in West Palm Beach, FL, have been helping store owners for over a decade, and we want to be there for you, too! 

Call us at 561-220-9231 to learn more about our commercial restoration services today!