4 Tips to Getting Rid Of Smoke Odor from Your Home

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National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) records close to 358,000 home structure fires each year. On most occasions, the homeowners find their home to be recoverable, but it would reek of smoke, odor, and fire damage that they have to deal with.

Smoke odor after a fire is often intense and lingers within the house. Continuous exposure to this pungent odor can trigger health distress, including nausea, headache, itchy eyes, and breathing difficulty.

Homeowners often resort to different strategies to keep the concern of smoke odor at bay. Using aerosols and scented candles to counter smoke odor is a common strategy; however, these remedies often mask the smoke odor and hardly resolves the issue permanently. Ventilation can help you bring down the pungency of the odor but still not a permanent solution.

The tiny microscopic smoke particles cling to the walls, clothing, and other structures within your house are often hard to remove. This makes smoke odor removal from residential properties something that requires time, effort, and money. Try the following strategies to bring down the effect of smoke odor or eliminate the issue completely from your house.

Air it out

Ventilation alone is not a permanent solution to alleviating the smoke odor in your home. However, you can use a combination of air purifiers and other mechanisms that facilitates the fresh air within your house to control the concern at hand.

Circulating fresh air into homes after airing out can help you flush out the smoke particles clinging to the indoor properties. Use industry-grade fanes and air purifiers and strategically place them in the crawl spaces or corners to flush out the smoke particles.

Industry-grade air purifiers are efficient absorbers of smoke particles. Continuous operation with air purifiers with consistent filter changes is a good move that can help you get rid of smoke odor eve from upholstery.

Replace air conditioning filter 

Cleaning all surfaces and properties in a home doesn’t guarantee smoke odor removal. Changing the air conditioning filters soon after you have finished your cleaning task is smart to thwart recontamination.

You might need professional assistance in inspection and upgrades if you are using an HVAC or ventilation system.

Other cleaning methods

Apparels, drapes, sheets, and blankets are commonly contaminated with smoke particles. Cleaning them out is a tedious task. 

Laundering these multiple times and with a cup of vinegar helps to eliminate most smoke odor. Vinegar can mimic the characteristics of a heavy-duty cleaner and can help to eradicate the smoke smell.

The vinegar and soap solution can also be used to clean out the hard surfaces such as cabinets, countertops and hardwood floors.

Professional smoke odor remediation

You will likely not be able to completely eradicate the smoke odor from your house even after thoroughly cleaning using all the methods listed here. This is where professional smoke odor services can come in handy. A professional service should have all the industry-grade cleaning materials and machinery required to completely eradicate the smoke odor from the crawl spaces and hard surfaces without raising any consequences.

 Eliminating smoke odor is a tedious task. If your house suffered a major fire, it is ideal not to fight the smoke odor too long; instead, hire a professional smoke odor cleanup company as soon as possible.


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