Storm Damage Costs: Cleaning Up After A Tornado

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Expected annual economic losses from weather and climate disasters

Since 1980, the US has spent over $2.15 trillion and an annual average of $ 51.4 billion on weather and climate-related disasters. In the past seven years alone, the country has experienced about ten billion-dollar storm damage costs, including Tropical cyclones, winter storms, severe storms, freezes, flooding, wildfire, and drought. This number is expected to rise due to the effects of climate change.

Tropical cyclones have been the costliest weather events in the USA, recording 56 such events between 1980 and 2021. Severe storms are the most common weather-related events recorded, totaling 143 events in the same period.

Below are some of the billion-dollar disasters in the US history;

Hurricane Ida of 2021. Struck Louisiana, claiming 96 lives and leaving a trail of damage worth $75.0 billion. It also led to flash flooding in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Other billion-dollar disaster events in the country include hurricane Harvey, hurricane Katrina, Irma, Florence, Maria, and Michael.

Winter Storm of February 2021. The weather event affected Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Oregon, Washington, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Oregon. It caused damages worth $24.0 billion and left 226 people dead.

The Western wildfires of August 2021. This fire affected California, Montana, Washington, and Idaho, causing damage worth $10.6 billion.

The Pacific Northwest heat wave of June 2021. This event left 229 people dead and damage worth $8.9 billion.

You can use the data available from the state and local governments to predict adverse weather. For instance, hurricanes are common in the Gulf and Atlantic coast areas. Tornadoes, high winds, hurricanes, damaging floods, and storm-related flooding are common in Southeast and Central regions.


weather and climate disasters


Breakdown of restoration costs after weather and climate events

Storm shelter will offer temporary accommodation as you clean up and fix your house. Storm damage can include fallen electric cables resulting in power surges, electric shocks, damaged appliances, and sometimes fire outbreaks. A storm can also cause trees to fall off, sometimes blocking the driveway or causing structural damage to your house. Trees near your home can destroy the roof, power lines, and even windows. Heavy rainfall can also cause flooding in coastal areas of flood zones. Flood insurance cover can help offset some storm damage costs.

Evacuation from severe storms

West Palm Beach, FL is at risk of storm surges due to its location. Evacuate immediately after storm damage to avoid further damage or life-threatening situations. While staying home until the event passes may be convenient, the governor could just order a mandatory evacuation. You can move to a hotel outside the affected area until it is safe to return home. Evacuation costs may vary depending on the facility you choose, the distance from your home, luggage, and family size.

Inspection fees

A flood expert needs to inspect your house after a storm to evaluate the extent of the damage. It is far safer to engage a professional than risk your life to save a few dollars. They can then share the report and photos of the damage with you or the insurance company for compensation. This report will also help you get a quote for repairs.

Debris removal

Debris from storm surges includes damaged parts of the roof, building blocks, broken glass from your doors and windows, fallen trees, electric lines, damaged lawn, wood, metal, plastic, appliances, personal belongings, and more. Local authorities can take years to clean up after a storm, but leaving the debris in your home can be costly. Mold starts to grow in such environments, and you could also lose precious items if you don’t act fast.


Debris removal


Recycling costs

When you partner with the right storm damage restoration company, you will find that not everything in that rubble needs to be disposed of. There is so much you can restore through recycling. Recycling can also reduce the amount of waste in your home after a storm. Materials such as automobiles, structural debris, scrap metal, and fallen trees can always be repurposed or reused.


After assessing the damage and sorting out the rubble, it is time to clean up the place and make it habitable once again. Eventually, you need to return to a safe house and resume normal life as soon as possible. If you haven’t suffered significant damage or collected a lot of rubble, you might get away with the debris removal and recycling costs. However, clean-up is among the inevitable storm-related costs that every homeowner must always plan for. Professional clean-up helps remove excess water and protect your house from the risk of mold growth.

Titan Restoration Construction team has proper training and the right equipment to clean up every corner of your house, from the roof to the floor and even the basement. If there is any flood water in the crawl space, we remove it and dry up that space to keep your family safe.

Damage repairs

Many things can go wrong during extreme events such as severe weather, heat wave events, or flood events. From damaged roofs to missing tiles, broken windows, and damaged furniture or paintings, we repair and restore anything that can be restored. If your house has experienced structural damage, we also ensure that we fix it back to its original form. We also take care of any paint that has been chipped off to ensure that your house is as good as new.

Looking for professional storm damage restoration services in West Palm Beach, FL? Contact us for a fast response

Everyone wishes flooding never happens to them or their loved ones, but nobody can tame nature. We just let it have its course while always preparing for the worst. When disaster strikes, it is good to have a partner who can help you through the restoration process. At Titan Restoration Construction, we ensure you experience as minimal disruption as possible. We are certified to clean up, restore and rebuild both residential and commercial properties on West Coast. If you are looking for water damage restoration, storm damage repair, mold remediation, or general contracting services in West Palm Beach, call us at 561-559-6763 for a speedy response.


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