Water Damage Odor Should Be Eliminated At Source Promptly

by | Jan 30, 2017 | Water Damage, Water Damage Repairs

Whenever there is a flood or there is evidence of standing water in the home, an odor develops anywhere from 24 to 28 hours. This odor lingers in the air, and after a while, mildew growth and mold is detected in several areas. This is damaging to the structure of the home and also causes health risks for the entire family.

How to eliminate odor from water damage

It is important to first identify the source. Mold and mildew produces bacteria that feed off the growth. Ammonia in the air causes this unpleasant musty odor and will continue to intensify unless care is taken to remove all traces of the microbial growth from the walls or floors. Get some aerosol antimicrobial sprays that use a malodorous compound so that the odor in the room is neutralized.

Delay causes further problems

If you are uncertain of how to deal with the problem, do not delay. Call the water restoration Jupiter service company and let them know the problem. They will arrive shortly with the right equipment to remove the moisture from the air and rid the dampness. When there is moisture, the growth is more rapid. The service provider will bring in dehumidifiers and blowers for moving the air. They will assess the situation and use industrial-strength machines if there is excess damage. The machines help to dispel the odor and circulate fresh air which will, in turn, reduce the mold growth.

Professionals use the right disinfectants to handle odor problems

Removing the odors from the home is not an easy job and is best left to professionals. Contact the best water restoration Jupiter Company in the area and check if your insurance policy covers issues relating to water damage.

Routine inspection helps to prevent destruction

Maintaining a home well is not easy. It is necessary to inspect all areas in the home regularly including crawlspace areas, the attic, and gutters outside the home. Check for faulty faucets in the bathrooms and kitchen and try to keep the areas as dry as possible. Use fans and humidity sensors in the bathroom to circulate the air after squeezing out the water from the floors, walls and drying out the bathtub.

If you have suffered from flood damage to your home, you should call the water restoration Jupiter Company immediately and let them know the details. They will be able to restore your home safely using effective methods and reducing the damage caused in the process.

Make the right choice

Get referrals from your colleagues or family members and keep the numbers handy. Call them in an emergency and refrain from trying to deal with the situation on your own. You may end up in a deeper mess, and the cost of repairs will shoot through the roof. Select a service provider than can help you with the insurance process so that you get compensated for the losses and do not have to spend excessively on repairs.

Do not wait for the situation to escalate as you will have to spend a large amount of money when you face severe secondary water damages caused by mildew and mold. The service provider will use industrial-grade disinfectants and cleaners to remove the existing mold in your home. Family members are at risk when harmful fungi and bacteria started thriving.

The water damage restoration company will ensure that all water is extracted from the walls and floors and that the repairs to your home are done perfectly so that all the members in the home are safe from health risks. They perform cleanup, repair as well as restoration and you can continue to live in the home stress-free with your family members.

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