What are the Average Water Restoration Costs?

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Whether it is a leaky roof, storm-related flooding, a burst water line, or black water from sewage backup, the possibilities for water damage in your home are endless. Unfortunately, water damage can cause severe destruction to your property. But other than the damage to your property, you also have to consider the cost implications of water damage restoration.

How much does water damage restoration cost? You can only answer this question by considering several factors. But before we get into the costs, it is essential to understand what the water damage restoration process involves.


What is water damage restoration?

Water damage restoration is the process of removing water, cleaning and drying up the area, and finally restoring materials and surfaces that have suffered any water damage. There are two phases in the water damage restoration process.


water damage restoration


The first phase involves water extraction and cleanup, while the second involves structural repairs to building features like the roof, ceiling, flooring, and walls. It is vital to undertake the water damage restoration process quickly to avert further issues like wood rot, bacteria, and mold growth. The sooner you can detect the damage and take adequate measures to stop the spread of water, drain and dry the affected area, the less you will have to spend dealing with water damage repair costs.


How much does water damage restoration cost?

Depending on the water source and the extent of damage to your property, the cost of water damage restoration services can range from $1,200 to $5,000 on average. Note that these cost estimates depend on several factors. For instance, this cost can go as low as $350 for simple repairs caused by an overflowing faucet to highs of $12,500 for black water extraction in the basement. Factors that affect the cost of water damage restoration include:


Water Type

The type of water that infiltrates your home can significantly affect the cost of water damage restoration. Water damage restoration cost based on water type typically ranges from $3.75 to $7.50.

  • Water type 1: Clean water: Clean water damage issues sprout from sources like leaking toilet tanks and faucets, sprinklers, water heaters, burst pipes, and rainwater. Although clean water does not contain harmful contaminants, it can still cause structural damage to a building if left to sit for too long. Clean water damage restoration costs between $3.75 to $4.25 per sq. ft. depending on the volume, affected area, and equipment used.
  • Water type 2: Gray water: Also known as sullage, gray water comes from sinks, bathtubs, and washing machines. This water contains some level of toxic substances but not fecal matter. On average, gray water cleanup and restoration cost about $4.5. per sq. ft. Any repairs are additional costs. Gray water may hold toxic substances. Gray water damage restoration costs between $4.10 to $6.50 per sq. ft. depending on the volume, affected area, and equipment used.
  • Water type 3: Blackwater comes from toilets and sewer backup. This water is tainted with feces, and coming into contact with it can have adverse health issues. Its cleanup is more complex, and further treatment of all contaminated areas is necessary to prevent potential bacteria growth. Blackwater damage restoration costs between $7.0 to $7.50 per sq. ft depending on the size of the area affected, the volume of water, and the equipment used.

The degree of damage

It’s another critical factor to consider when determining the water damage restoration cost. For instance, if you’re only dealing with moisture, the restoration process will not be as complex as when you want to repair water-damaged drywall.

Class 1

Minimal water damage: This includes small leaks in toilet faucets to damp carpeting. Most homeowners can repair these issues alone or seek the services of a professional at a small cost.

Class 2

Whole room damage: This damage occurs when water infiltrates an entire room, including the drywall, up to about 1 foot. Class 2 damage repairs involve moisture removal as well as cleanup and restorations.

Class 3

Saturation: When class 3 water damage occurs, moisture saturates the walls, floors, ceiling, and even the subflooring and insulation. Usually, the source of class three water damage comes from above, resulting from a leaking roof or a burst pipe.

Class 4

Damage from long-standing water: Water from a storm surge or flooding can saturate brick, stone, and hardwood. Since these materials don’t soak up moisture quickly, the damage is considered severe if they get drenched. Stage 4 water damage garners higher costs to clean up and restore the damaged area.


Size of the area

Of course, the cost of repairing water damage is also affected by the size of the area. According to the National Flood Services, it costs about $3.75 and $7 to repair water damage per square foot. This cost is affected by other factors, including:

  • The type of water damage
  • The extent of damage
  • The root cause

DIY water damage restoration

Clean water damage is considered a minor issue as the cost to clean up is less expensive and easier to clean up and restore. Most homeowners opt to handle such repairs themselves. Gray and black water damage restoration jobs are best left to water damage restoration experts, especially if the water has been flooding your property for a while.

Also, roof and plumbing repairs require specific tools, skills, and experience. Also, leaving traces of moisture to linger in your property can lead to other issues like deteriorating subfloor and mold growth down the line. So it is best to leave some trickier tasks to the professionals. If you opt to tackle the cleanup yourself, you should have professionals assess the extent of damage and any other issues.


DIY water damage restoration


A professional will also help you identify the root cause of the problem so that you can have them fixed. Additionally, you should contact your flood insurance company before any repairs if you want them to cover water and flood damage repairs. They might want a professional to assess the damage to determine the repairs they will cover.


A breakdown of water damage restoration cost

When calculating the total cost of a water damage restoration project, you must also factor in the items that need fixing. Different water damage restoration companies charge differently. Below is a breakdown of what needs fixing and their estimated costs.


Roof repairs

Roof repairs cost anywhere between $350 to $1,400. The national average estimate is $1,000. If possible, leave all roof repair works to professionals, as substandard roof repairs or installations can lead to more severe issues.


Ceiling repairs

On average, the cost to repair the ceiling is between $325 and $1,10. However, you can opt to hire a handyperson to fix saggy areas caused by water damage at an average cost of about $75 per hour.


Basement repair

Basement water damage happens to many issues, including drainage, burst pipes, sewage backups, and drainage issues. Repair costs vary widely – $500 to $85,000 -depending on the cause and extent of the damage. For instance, restoring a basement with a moisture issue will be less expensive than tackling five feet of black water from sewage backup.


Drywall repair

Drywall repairs cost about $550 on average, with a typical range of $275 to $850 but can cost more or less depending on the level of destruction.


Drywall repair


Floor repair

Floor repairs cost between $200 to $500. The type of flooring and how long the water sits affect the cost of removal and restoration.


Bathroom Fixture repair

Bathroom fixture repairs cost between $150 to $350. Failure to properly fix a cracked bathtub or any other bathroom fixture in good time can lead to bigger, costlier problems.


Burst or leaky plumbing repair

Burst pipes are some of the most common causes of water damage. Burst pipes can lead to repairs costing anywhere from $1,000 to $4,000. Such issues are easily preventable with regular inspections and maintenance services by a professional plumbing company.


Mold restoration and removal

If mold is growing in your home due to moisture, you will need to seek professional mold removal services. On average, the cost to remove mold is about $2,200. Mold starts growing in just 24 to 48 hours when moisture is present. The longer the water sits, the greater the risk of contamination and the higher the removal cost.


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