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Pointers to Maintaining a Home Free Of Moisture and Mold

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Buying a home requires capital and sometimes homeowners find it difficult to invest in sturdy materials for the home as they spend most of their money on the property. Buying good materials for the home will save you from spending on repairs and leaks especially when there is water damage in the home.

Always invest in quality hardware

Quality hardware and materials are available in stores to avoid problems such as burst pipes and leaky faucets. Check the lifespan of the materials used in the home and replace them when they get old as burst water heaters, toilet overflow and leaky drain pipes can make a hole in your pocket when it come to repairs.

When water collects in affected areas for awhile, moisture collects in the air and this causes mold and mildew. The home becomes unsafe especially if there are people with asthma or allergies in the home. It is important to control the dampness.

Tips to improve the indoor air quality in the home

  • Invest in good bath fans which are certified by the volume. Check out the square footage of the bathroom and multiply this by 1.1 if the ceiling stands at 8 ft. If the ceiling is 9 ft. high, multiply the square footage by 1.5. The cubic feet per minute are indicated on the label of the fan just under the grille. Use the right size and leave the fans on after you finish with the bathroom for about 10 minutes ensuring that the air moves and clears.
  • After a shower, use the squeegee to squeeze the water off the shower walls and floor. The chances of mold growth is minimized when the area is kept dry.
  • Mold in a damp location begins to let out stale odor. It is therefore necessary to use a mild detergent and warm water and clean surface molds. These generally form on the grout lines of ceramic tiles. Use this once a month or spray on a solution of 10% bleach mixed with 90% water.
    Invest in bathroom timers and quality humidity sensors as they indicate the humidity content in the room. Other factors such as window condensations and rot inside walls occur when there is a high content of humidity in the air. You can invest in a fan that senses humidity which will turn on and off as the moisture levels rise and fall at the ceiling.

Many homeowners panic when they are confronted with water damage issues. Personal safety is of utmost importance and if you are not careful, you can encounter harm. For instance, if you enter the home and find water has flooded into the room, you should not wade in the water to try and protect something in the room. Stop and think before you act. Put off the main electric supply before you do anything else. Your second reaction should be to call the water restoration Palm Beach Gardens service provider and let them know the problem.

The experienced team from the water restoration Palm Beach Gardens will arrive promptly and take care of the water restoration and carry out water mitigation. With the help of the technicians, you can start remove your personal belongings and begin the cleanup process. Get them to guide you on the items that you can try to salvage and the ones you need to discard. Let them use their dehumidifiers and blowers and refrain from using the home vacuum to try to remove the water.

The bottom line is to stay calm when you are faced with a water damage issue. Call the water restoration Palm Beach Gardens service provider and they will have the problem rectified as soon as possible.