5 Common Carpet Induced Health Concerns

by | Jan 14, 2020 | Mold Damage

Carpets play a key role in the aesthetic of any home. The color and pattern variants available can be utilized to add a unique touch and authentic appearance.

However, dirty carpets can disrupt the harmony of your life within your house in addition to raising several health concerns. In the 1980’s the World Health Organization unveiled the term Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). The SBS is a condition in which people living in a house or commercial building tend to feel sick or ill without any apparent reason.

Dirty carpets along with poor ventilation and heating can be highlighted as the main triggers for this condition. This post features five carpet induced health concerns that every homeowner must be aware of.


Asthma can be one of the deadly health concerns triggered by dirty carpets within your household. Dirty carpets that are left unattended can second the growth of mold and dust mites. This can directly influence the indoor air quality leading to concerns like asthma.

Dust mite carcasses left on the carpets are easily airborne and can be a major inducing factor for asthma attacks. Apart from asthma dirty carpet can also induce concerns like lethargy, itchiness and dry eyes.


Carpets can house tons of allergens from outdoors and indoors. Most commonly animal dander, mold and dust are the main factors that can turn a carpet into an allergen.

Some of the allergies commonly triggered by dirty carpets are:
• Runny nose and eyes
• Itchy and skin inflammation
• Dry and irritated throat
• Hives
• Coughing
• Wheezing and sneezing

Vacuum your carpets once a week using a HEPA certified vacuum.

Mycotoxin induced health concerns

Dirty carpets left untreated for days or weeks can initially second the growth of black mold and eventually support mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are a type of toxins that are naturally produced by molds. They can induce a series of health concerns in both humans and livestock ranging from acute poisoning to cancer.

Aflatoxin, a poisonous variant of mycotoxin if inhaled excessively can induce damage to the liver. Other variants of mycotoxin are also known to cause kidney damage. Simply put, you can also associate mycotoxin related health concern to stomach irritation and infection.

Weakened immune system

Dirty carpets that houses different forms of bacteria, fungi and other toxins can put your immune system to work 24/7. There might be point where your immune system is at its saturation point of operation and starts caving in.
This is where you become vulnerable to health concerns. This can affect every individual in your house especially toddlers.

Skin problems

Apart from the dryness, itchiness and inflammation that can be associated as symptoms of other carpet induced health concerns; dirty carpets can also cause issues like athlete’s foot. Walking on carpets barefoot brings in the possibility of fungal and bacterial infection through the wounds or cuts on the skin surface.

Hiring a professional to keep your carpets clean should be your number one priority especially if you have toddlers in your house. Toddlers can be constantly in contact with the floor and they always play around your house which makes them highly vulnerable to any of the health concerns listed above.