What you get?

  • Fully qualified, trained and certified professionals
  • Direct insurance billing
  • A fully equipped team with latest tools customized for drying and dehumidifying
  • Our team responds to water emergencies within an hour
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • We compile the insurance documents and can coordinate with your insurance career.

How we serve

  • Initial inspection: Our water damage experts will meet you at the property within 1 hour to perform the initial assessment and to provide you with a clear picture of how we will progress with the restoration process.
  • Safety precautions: We contain all the electrical appliances and remove any slip hazards to secure the water logged areas within your house or office
  • Water extraction: we use high performing flood water extractors to remove as much water as possible
  • Drying process: we use industry grade dehumidifiers and air movers to alleviate the concern of any excess or unwanted moisture
  • Air purification: we use air filters eliminate any odors and maintain the expected indoor air quality
  • Insurance work: we take over all the insurance documentation tasks and coordinate with your insurance company

Water damage repair Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions related to water or flood damage repair that we address on a daily basis:

How much does it cost to repair water damage?
It varies from the type of property and the extent of water damage; we offer a free inspection and bill the insurance career for the water damage repairs.
How long does it take to repair water damage?
It depends on your individual situation; however, our water damage specialist can respond within an hour to perform the inspection and to provide the respective information.
Should carpets be replaced after water damage?
If the carpet remains water logged for 3 or more days, it is ideal to remove them.
How long does it take for mold to grow in wet carpet?
Under favorable humidity and temperature condition mold takes 24 hours to start thriving in wet carpets.
How do I clean my house after a hurricane?
What are the signs of water damage?

Look for these 5 signs to confirm water damage.

Repairing structural damage is crucial, to return your home or business to the condition it deserves, safe and secure. Titan Restoration Construction can do all structural repair work needed, from supportive re-creations to the final touches, that make your house your castle. Call us today at (561) 345-3751 so we can begin working to rebuild, remodel, and restore your property.

More notes on Water Damage Restoration

No matter the source of your water woes, Titan Restoration Construction has the skills to repair, replace, or rebuild any water damage that has caused you and your structure grief. We are skilled experts in solving this type of disaster that can cause ongoing problems for homeowners and property managers alike. Any category of water, Clean, Gray, or Black, causing your property water damage, Titan Restoration Construction will get your home or business back to normal fast. We have industry leading water mitigation partners that we call upon for rapid and safe water extraction from your property.

Restoration specialist doing wall painting home florida
As these specialists remove the standing water, we can focus on fixing the source of the water intrusion and take the necessary steps to rebuild affected areas of the property. We are experts at water damage restoration of all types, and realize every day you must wait becomes an added inconvenience to you.

Drying your home or store’s interior is only part of what our coordinated services through our affiliated partners entail.

We can fix and repair the water-damaged interior and the structural damage regardless of where it is located. Ceiling to floor, and everything in between, we can swiftly make repairs and have it all looking like new again.

When the source is discovered in your plumbing, it must be shut off to limit the unwanted water intrusion. Water spreads quickly, and our experienced partners can contain and remove the water before it can do any more damage. Water from a leaking toilet water line can slowly create water damage throughout the floor and the walls below the bathroom. Regardless of the source of the water intrusion, it can be stopped by our partners before we start any necessary demolition and rebuild.

Outside water coming into your home can include water from heavy rains, hurricanes, and flooding from overflowing bodies of water.

This type of water can be high in contaminants. We know how to replace, or have remediated, water damaged items and materials ensuring a return to safe and sanitary conditions.

In Florida, hurricanes can bring in water from the Atlantic, and this water has not only contaminants in it from the ocean but also other debris that is picked up and carried with it before it reaches your home. In addition to these pollutants, such as small sea life, seaweed, and sediments, ocean water is full of salt, which is naturally corrosive and abrasive and requires special techniques for removing from your carpeting. Our water extraction partners can dry out the structure and its contents caused by the groundwater. Titan Construction workers then can evaluate and change the grading around your foundation with our heavy equipment and shore up your foundation.

Mold Damage Florida House
Prevent Mold Damage

At Titan Construction Restoration, we use the latest developments in technology to get homes restored and repaired. The faster the water is extracted and water logged items and materials discarded, the less chance of mold and other pathogens from developing. These can cause problems for both you and your home. Mold can grow quickly and extensively, in any area of a home, and it is easier to prevent than it is to remediate. If mold infestations are discovered our expert sub-contractors can remediate this problem as we continue to work on your property. We follow a business model that utilizes the expertise of our partners in the actual water extraction and mold remediation. This process is the most efficient method to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

Damage to a building or a home’s structural components, both weight-bearing and external surfaces, can be severe when contact with water occurs. Water may be necessary for our health, but when it is allowed to soak into the wood, it compromises the strength and stability of the framing. Drywall quickly disintegrates. Metal will rust and deteriorate. Wood laminates will warp. Fabrics will discolor and even bleed their dyes onto other surfaces.

Our water damage restoration experts at Titan, through our professional affiliations, can quickly stop further damage with both drying techniques and extraction of water. Our highly experienced construction crews can then begin restoring or replacing the water damaged building materials. We explain to you the demolition that is needed as we aim to minimize the inconvenience and cost to you.