Emergency Sanitization & Decontamination Services

We are now offering 24/7 sanitation and decontamination to curb the spread of COVID-19. We are equipped to clean a variety of residential and commercial properties such as offices, schools, churches, etc. If you have cause to believe that your property may have been contaminated by exposure to someone with COVID-19 do not hesitate to contact us. Sanitation and decontamination in a timely manner is vital to limiting the spread of the disease.

coronavirus disinfection services

Coronavirus Sanitation & Decontamination Services

Our expert team is trained and certified on the removal of biohazard and viral contaminants, we can treat any kind of space including commercial and residential. We will completely sanitize and decontaminate the area making it safe for you and the public to use again.

We can help sanitize and decontaminate all building types including:

Public Spaces

Office Buildings

Residential Spaces

Government Buildings


And More!

Our Expert Team

Our expert team will be lead by Jeff who has extensive experience including spending many years in hazmat on the FD as a hazmat tech, hazmat instructor and team leader. Jeff has also instructed for DOJ and DHS in their chem/bio/WMD hazmat tech and incident command programs. As well as worked the 2002 Olympics under DOJ with the healthcare systems instructing them decon in the event of a chem/bio attack. Worked with NYPD under DOJ setting up and instructing respiratory protection program under OSHA 1910.134 and worked with Chicago PD setting up their fit testing program.

COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 is short for Coronavirus Disease 2019, it is an infectious disease caused by SARS-COV-2, the virus. First detected in China, it has now been detected in over 100 locations internationally, including the United States.

Due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in different parts of the world, there is now a cause for preventative measures to be put in place to limit its spread. It is difficult to predict how the spread of the disease is going to proceed, but we will follow information from the CDC and WHO to be better prepared. The CDC currently (as of March 11, 2020) reports that the immediate risk is low, most communities in US are not reporting widespread circulation. The situation is rapidly changing so keeping up to date with this information is important.

How is it spread?

Due to its status as a relatively new disease, we do not fully understand exactly how the virus spreads from person to person. It is thought to be spread through respiratory droplets from coughing or sneezing. It is also thought to be spread through contact with contaminated surfaces or objects.

coronavirus sanitization
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