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Prevention and Removal of Mold Growth is Important to Maintain Good Homes

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Mold remediation refers to removal of mold growth from a home or building so that the members in the home or workplace are safe and healthy. There are certain recommendations laid down by The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in America for mold remediation.


  • If mold growth covers more than 10 square feet area it is necessary for the property owner to contact a mold remediation West Palm Beach service provider. Anything less than that can be cleaned up by the owners.
  • When there is mold growth detected, it is not advisable to paint or caulk on the contaminated surface. The paint will just peel away and mold will continue to germinate over a period.
  • Biocide chemicals such as chlorine bleach should never be used to get rid of mold as it has adverse reactions in the home.
  • Dead mold causes allergic reactions in people and therefore should be removed from the property.

How do the professionals carry out mold remediation procedures?

  • The contaminated areas are inspected and a pre molding test carried out. The mold growth is elevated and stands out.
  • Air scrubbers and filters are then set up to ensure that the odors from the air are removed and fresh air circulates in the area.
  • Microscopic mold spores that are in the air are removed by the air scrubbers.
  • The visible mold is then vacuumed from every area which includes baseboards and floors. Once this is done the floating spores are easily removed with sponge and spray.
  • Clean up is then carried out thoroughly with spray and sponge.
  • The air scrubbers are then run after the clean-up for a few days to ensure that the air is filtered and clean.
    Post tests are carried to make sure that there is no mold detection or growth in the home.

Many mold remediation West Palm Beach companies have sprung up in each area that offers clean up and mitigation after water damage has occurred in homes and commercial buildings. Look for a company that has good referrals, reviews and read the customer testimonials. Identify the best ones and ask for free estimates. Your family members or friends may have used one of the companies and may recommend them strongly. 

  • When you are browsing the internet or asking for referrals you should:
  • Find out if the mold remediation West Palm Beach service provider is licensed, bonded and insured to carry out such works.
  • They should be professional qualified and bring the right tools and equipment.
  • They should have close ties with the insurance company and help you to get your claims covered.
  • They should offer guarantees for their service and monitor the works when they are being processed.
  • A reliable service provider will check to see if they have cleared the mold by carrying out pre and post checks.
  • They should not use toxic materials but approved biodegradable USDA products.

Homeowners should do everything they can to ensure the health and safety of their family members. Some people are prone to nausea, headaches and throat infections especially if they are allergic to mold. It affects their respiratory system and many of them suffer from problems related to asthma. When there is mold growth in the home, bacteria thrives on it and therefore it should be removed as soon as it is noticed.

When large areas require remediation, it will be necessary for the remediation company to discuss the plans with the business owner. Normally this type of work can be completed in a couple of days if there is no excessive damage noticed.