How standing water attracts pests in your house

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Uncategorized

Water can be inevitable for living organisms. It is ubiquitous and can sustain life in many ways. However, versions of water, especially standing water can make your life a nightmare.

Standing water, if not identified and treated right away can create pest problems that you do not wish to deal with. The concern can be worse, especially during warmer weather. Understanding the hazards of standing water and different means to deal with is important to prevent your house from becoming a hub of pests.

Unattended kitchen counters

If you have the habit of leaving the dishes in the kitchen counter or sink overnight, you are making it easier for pests, especially cockroaches and bugs to feed, thrive and form an army.

Pests, especially cockroaches have a strong sense of smell. The smell of leftovers and even the groceries can lure in cockroaches.

Water leaks

Water damage or leaks within your home can be inviting for pests. All they need is a source of a water leak that is consistent and can provide them with minute quantities of water even if it is in the form of moisture.

Therefore, ensure that you do not let a water leak in your house be permanent. Also, try to keep your house free of the clutter, which usually offers hiding spaces for pests. Your kitchen, bathroom and attic are the places vulnerable to water leaks, it would be ideal to inspect these areas at least once a month.

Pests attracted by water

If you observe the presence of these pests in your house and if the number seems to be increasing, you can suspect the presence of an unsupervised water source.

Cockroaches: as mentioned earlier, two main things that can attract cockroaches are food and water. Most people are unaware of the fact that cockroaches love water, they thrive quickly in damp and warm environments.

Ants: ants are always in a never-ending hunt for food and water. Similar to cockroaches, they find it easy to thrive in moist and damp environment. Any water spill can turn out to be a strong inviting signal for ant colonies.

Earwigs: earwigs colonies seems to be thirsty all day. They are in a constant hunt for moist areas and can invade your house easily through small cracks and ventilators in search of water.

If you end up attracting thirsty and water-loving pests, contact a pest control company at the earliest. However, having known the consequence of pests invaded homes, you do not want the situation to go out of control. This is where foreseeing these factors and ensuring that issues like water leakage are taken care of immediately can turn out to be a life-changing decision. Be prepared to contact a professional water restoration service in cases of major issues like flood damage. On top of all, try to keep your house clean and dry.