5 Common carpet induced health concerns

Carpets play a key role in the aesthetic of any home. The color and pattern variants available can be utilized to add a unique touch and authentic appearance.

However, dirty carpets can disrupt the harmony of your life within your house in addition to raising several health concerns. In the 1980’s the World Health Organization unveiled the term Sick Building Syndrome (SBS). The SBS is a condition in which people living in a house or commercial building tend to feel sick or ill without any apparent reason.

Dirty carpets along with poor ventilation and heating can be highlighted as the main triggers for this condition. This post features five carpet induced health concerns that every homeowner must be aware of.


Asthma can be one of the deadly health concerns triggered by dirty carpets within your household. Dirty carpets that are left unattended can second the growth of mold and dust mites. This can directly influence the indoor air quality leading to concerns like asthma.

Dust mite carcasses left on the carpets are easily airborne and can be a major inducing factor for asthma attacks. Apart from asthma dirty carpet can also induce concerns like lethargy, itchiness and dry eyes.


Carpets can house tons of allergens from outdoors and indoors. Most commonly animal dander, mold and dust are the main factors that can turn a carpet into an allergen.

Some of the allergies commonly triggered by dirty carpets are:
• Runny nose and eyes
• Itchy and skin inflammation
• Dry and irritated throat
• Hives
• Coughing
• Wheezing and sneezing

Vacuum your carpets once a week using a HEPA certified vacuum.

Mycotoxin induced health concerns

Dirty carpets left untreated for days or weeks can initially second the growth of black mold and eventually support mycotoxins. Mycotoxins are a type of toxins that are naturally produced by molds. They can induce a series of health concerns in both humans and livestock ranging from acute poisoning to cancer.

Aflatoxin, a poisonous variant of mycotoxin if inhaled excessively can induce damage to the liver. Other variants of mycotoxin are also known to cause kidney damage. Simply put, you can also associate mycotoxin related health concern to stomach irritation and infection.

Weakened immune system

Dirty carpets that houses different forms of bacteria, fungi and other toxins can put your immune system to work 24/7. There might be point where your immune system is at its saturation point of operation and starts caving in.
This is where you become vulnerable to health concerns. This can affect every individual in your house especially toddlers.

Skin problems

Apart from the dryness, itchiness and inflammation that can be associated as symptoms of other carpet induced health concerns; dirty carpets can also cause issues like athlete’s foot. Walking on carpets barefoot brings in the possibility of fungal and bacterial infection through the wounds or cuts on the skin surface.

Hiring a professional to keep your carpets clean should be your number one priority especially if you have toddlers in your house. Toddlers can be constantly in contact with the floor and they always play around your house which makes them highly vulnerable to any of the health concerns listed above.

Microscopic view of mildew

3 ways mildew can be harmful for you

It is usually hard to distinguish mildew from the mold. Given the fact that both are fungus variant, have a peculiar odor and can trigger some health concerns both in humans and livestock, you might need a specialist to identify them apart.

What is mildew?

It is always ideal to know what mildew is prior to trying to learn more about the related health concerns and preventions. Mildew is a mold variant that usually grows on flat and moist surfaces. Unlike mold, mildew prefers to grow on flat surfaces and the damages caused are usually more on the aesthetic aspects of your home.

Mildew is also considered as a mold at its earliest stage by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
This post features some of the health concerns caused by mildew.

The immediate concerns

Since mildew is considered as a mold at its earlier stages, it does not bring along critical health concerns as similar to mold. However, inhaling the mildew spores lingering with your apartment or house can easily trigger some immediate concerns like runny nose, watery eyes, wheezing, sneezing and throat irritation.
Long term exposure to mildew can lead to chronic respiratory conditions and headaches.

Adverse affect on the quality of life

The microbial volatile organic substances associated with the mildew spores can induce a musty odor. This odor can become seriously pungent if left untreated and in small areas without proper ventilation. In addition to the strong fumes, the appearance of mildew over the walls, ceiling or carpets can seriously affect the aesthetics of your residential or commercial structure.

Mild mildew infestations can be treated using water and vinegar, however, it is best to leave the entire task to specialists when you are handling a full-blown colony.

Difficult to contain

The ability of mildew to spread with little or no provocation is something that adds to the headache of house owners. Residential properties, especially apartment can second the mildew transmission via ventilation and connected HVAC systems. In such cases, removing mildew from your apartment alone wouldn’t do the job, if the whole building is contaminated.

Treating mildew and mold can be a task that requires some professional insight, especially when it is so hard to identify the source of the infestation. This is where contacting a mold removal and restoration expert can turn out to be an ideal solution. It is important to perform periodical checks to ensure that your property is not showing any signs of mold or mildew growth. Early detection can be the key to efficient removal, which in turn can help you save both money and time. Diagnosing a mildew growth within the attic or any other space within your household indicates a moisture problem.

Keeping all the surfaces dry, using a dehumidifier and changing the HVAC filters regularly can be an ideal means to tackle or prevent mildew growth. Keep an eye out for mildew while keeping your house clean and ventilated for the best results.

Mold in ceiling of a house in west palm beach

Dangers of Attempting to Remove Mold Without Using IICRC Best Practices

Most individuals underestimate the process of Mold remediation. There are several aspects to mold remediation that requires in-depth knowledge, planning, and execution.

Mold infested structures, systems or contents can trigger different safety and health problems. Have you heard of the IICRC best practice for mold remediation?

IICRC or Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration is a non-profit organization that stands for the inspection cleaning and restoration industries. The goal of IICRC is to set up a global benchmark and standard when it comes to cleaning restoration and inspection and installation industries.

IICRC’s five major principles for mold remediation are as follows:

Ensure that the individuals involved in the process of mold removal or remediation have taken up all the possible health measures against related potential health concerns. Anyone involved in mold remediation should turn to a combination of regulations and practices to protect themselves from exposure.

It is mandatory that the project manager assesses the situation, documents and executes the whole mold remediation process in a timely and efficient manner. The process of assessing the extent of contamination is crucial for effective mold remediation. It is recommended to resort to an environmental expert to get this done.

Give high priority to prevent scenarios or conditions that seconds the spreading of molds. IICRC recognizes and reminds the hardship involved in eliminating mold contamination once it is allowed to spread.

IICRC stresses on removing the mold contaminated systems or materials as a whole from the infected structure as opposed to isolation or removals in a subset of infected areas.

Ensure necessary steps are taken to identify, locate and rectify any moisture level fluctuations. The moisture level is a critical factor that can directly drive mold growth. Understanding and regulating moisture levels is critical to prevent recontamination.

Failing to adhere to the standards set by IICRC can lead to the following consequences:

• Breathing difficulties
• Swollen eyes and itching
• Runny eyes and nose
• Coughing and chest tightness
• Throat irritations and headache

While these are some common and minor health concerns related to mold infection, they can give way to other major health concerns.

It has been proven that prolonged exposure to mold can trigger asthma in humans. Age plays a crucial role in the severity of the concern. As per the experts, infants are vulnerable to develop fungal mold easily compared to adults.

Fungal mold or penicillium develops each time the infant is exposed to mold and eventually, it can even lead to lung damage.

It is highly recommended to consider an IICRC specialist when it comes to mold remediation or removal. Identifying the signs of mold formation within your property or house can also play a crucial role. Keep in mind that a small act of precaution can give you long term protection. Foresee the possibility of mold growth when during the rainy or flood season and act wisely to keep your family safe.

Wall of a house in florida infsted with black mold

5 Things That Causes Mold in Homes

Mold can be one of the biggest nuisances for homeowners. Once diagnosed, removing mold can be a difficult task and the possibility of mold reappearance will be always on the cards if you do not keep certain things under check.

Mold growth is supported by a mixture of the following factors:

• Moisture
• Warmth
• Food source (wood, drywall etc)

Poor ventilation is one of the major reasons for mold growth. You might have observed the areas like bathroom, basements and crawl spaces are more vulnerable to mold growth. This is due to poor ventilation and when you do an inspection for mold growth, these areas should be the priority.

Make sure that venting systems in these areas are functioning properly. Check for clogging due to dust or any other particles. Cracking open a window in your bathroom after the shower will help you to alleviate the concern of moisture formation.

Investing in an air purifier is another strategy to capture mold spores and to inhibit mold growth.


Keep an eye out for the weather, especially when it’s humid for a few days. You can also observe that mold growth is common during the rainy season. Living by the coast or near a large water body can directly impact mold growth. These conditions can second mold growth and make it a recurring concern.

Drying clothes indoors can raise the humidity levels in your house and keep it prolonged for a long time. The HVAC system in your house can also raise humidity while it heats and cools the air artificially.

Water leaks

Water leaks can feed mold growth. Keep an eye out for water stains on flooring and ceiling to identify water leaks, in fact, these signs can even give away the age of the water leak.

Overlooking a water leak can turn out to be bigger concern as it produces mold spores that can eventually spread and flourish in other areas within your house.

On some occasions, water leaks can be hard to identify, especially in areas like basements and other crawl spaces. The only option to keep this under check is to do regular inspections.


Hurricanes and flood-prone areas are vulnerable to mold growth. When your house is flooded, everything will be wet for days and it will take weeks until everything is dry again. Since mold requires 24 hours to thrive on damp surfaces, the risk for mold growth is huge.

Mold growth due to flooding can be serious as it can produce toxic mold types like Stachybotrys chartarum which requires the surface to be wet for several days to thrive.

Damp basement

A damp basement can be a haven for mold to grow. The lack of ventilation and appropriate humidity level makes them the perfect place. Additionally, a water leak in any area within the house can end up in the basement.

Removing mold from your house as soon as possible is very important as prolonged exposure to mold can cause health concerns like asthma and other respiratory issues. If you feel that the situation is beyond control, consider hiring a mold removal specialist.

Mold infested roof in house florida

5 Common Types of Molds Found in Homes

Mold infested property, systems or structures can trigger subject deterioration in addition to harming your health. Most people believe that only older homes are vulnerable to mold infestation and this is a misconception.

Identifying whether your house is infested with mold is ideal, but the knowledge of different types of house molds can help you to take the next action, which can be crucial.

This will help you to save valuable time and effort as you can take precautionary steps to contain or prevent further mold growth prior to reviewing the situation and deciding on whether to hire a mold removal specialist.

This post features five mold types that are commonly observed within households along with the consequences of exposure and some steps to prevent any related hazards.


With a high growth rate in temperatures between 20-25 degree Celsius, Alternaria is a rapid growth mold which matures in just five days. The ability of this mold type to thrive in windy and dry conditions gives way to airborne spread.

The mold growth that you see in your sink or shower can be alternaria. They can grow both indoors and outdoors, usually in damp areas. This mold type can cause asthma and allergic reactions.

Aspergillus fumigates

Aspergillus fumigatus is the most common and dangerous mold type belonging to the Aspergillus mold family. They appear with cotton texture and can be in a combination of blue-green or grey color.

Aspergillus fumigatusis an indoor mold type that usually does not trigger any potential health hazards to humans. However, prolonged exposure can trigger health concerns like respiratory infections and lung inflammation.


This mold type commonly affects wooden furniture, walls, and surfaces. This mold variant is identified as pink and black spots that you may observe around windows or painted walls. As they are commonly observed in households, people usually develop allergies, which if left untreated are escalated to other severe reactions.


Is your house suffering from water damage? If yes, you might come across Chaetomium. Keep an eye out for grayish-green colored mold formation on any substance that contains cellulose. This mold type feeds freely and quickly on materials containing cellulose such as paper, drywall, and fabrics.

This mold type is the common trigger for the musty and old odor within your house.


Cladosporium is commonly found in carpets and wooden floorboards. The fact that this mold type can thrive in both cool and warm conditions make it more dangerous.

This mold type develops as colonies that trigger airborne spores contributing to its wide and quick spread. Allergies and asthma are the main health concerns that Cladosporium can trigger.

There are more than 1000 different types of molds out there. For an individual without much experience about mold and the related hazards, it is impossible to identify each mold type. If left unchecked, mold can easily become a major hazard within your house. Foresee all these factors and consider performing early water damage and mold checkups for your property at least once a year.

5 signs that imply you have mold in your house

Mold damaged wall

A residential or commercial mold infestation is one of the worst things anyone can come across. Mold infestation can easily turn your dream house to a nightmarish dwelling.

It’s not just the musty smell or unbearable indoor atmosphere, the fact that commercial or residential mold infestation can easily start affecting the health of the individuals involved is alarming.

This is one of the major reasons why we recommend leaving the task of mold repairs or cleanup to professionals.

What is mold?

Mold is typically a fungus constituting of small organisms. Their ubiquitous presence is a blessing for the outdoors as they play a crucial role in decomposing dead leaves and trees.

However, these fungi thrive indoors fast and alarmingly in damp conditions to release spores. Inhaling mold spores in large numbers can trigger health problems.

This post covers the top 5 hidden signs of mold that imply mold infestation in your house.

You are sick and never better

Even though you are exposed to mold spores on a daily basis, constant exposure, especially while being indoors can trigger some alarming health problems.

Allergic reactions to mold can present itself in the forms of nasal congestion, constant coughing, and watery eyes.
Skin oriented allergic reactions like tingling and itching sensations are also triggered upon coming in contact with mold. Your body releases histamines to counter these reactions which result in flaky and dry skin, that can even lead to hives.

Prolonged mold exposure can second the infiltration of these spores to lungs which has been observed as one of the common triggers for asthma symptoms.

Bubbly walls

Mold infestation can lead to bubble formation on painted walls. The most likely areas to bubble up are the areas with more moisture. If you suspect mold infestation, examine your bathroom or basement walls and areas close to the windows.

A leaking windowsill or an area close to a leaking pipe is ideal for mold to thrive. In such scenarios, ensure that you scrape the paint, clean, patch and dry the surface prior to repainting to alleviate the concern once and for all.

Musty smell

That strange and unpleasant odor is a total giveaway of mold infestation. Severe the smell, severe is the mold growth. Always look for a musty and moldy odor, especially close to any damp area within the household.

Water damage

Foresee the possibility of mold growth anytime you face water damage. Water tends to get easily absorbed, creating the ideal damp condition for mold to thrive. The earlier you identify the easier it would be to remove mold growth.

Always consider the possibility of condensation issues during the winter. Indoor condensation can lead to relatively higher humidity, which can support mold growth. This is where a mold removal company can come in handy.


Rust is another sign that can indicate excessive moisture in your house. What is the other consequence of having excessive moisture indoors? Yes, you guessed it right, it creates the perfect condition for mold growth.

Remember, those DIY mold removal tips will work best only if the mold growth is recent or fresh. Contacting a certified, professional mold removal is your best bet to bring the condition under control efficiently and quickly.

fungus in gypsum ceiling interior building damaged from water leaking

Mold Remediation and Repair in West Palm Beach

For West Palm Beach homeowners, mold is almost an afterthought once they have restored their residence after a thunderstorm, or another severe weather event. While mold may not be as noticeable as the hole in the roof knocked by 70mph and higher winds, it still costs our fellow Floridians millions of dollars in remediation and repair costs each year.

At Titan Restoration, we step in after mold remediation and repair the damage to West Palm Beach homes. Unless the mold colony grew unnoticed for years, much of what we do is cosmetic, and we can return each home to its original state fairly quickly.

As an example, a cleanup service usually has to dispose of affected drywall and ceiling tiles completely. Our construction specialists can quickly hang new walls and return the interior to a livable condition with privacy in a day or two. As a full-service restoration company, Titan Restoration can also paint and wallpaper the interior, so it looks as it did before the mold. Our design team can also assist homeowners in choosing a new look to match the new construction.

As we work, we understand that our job site is still your home. Each team leader works carefully, so his crew takes every precaution to prevent accidental damage. If there is a lighting fixture that is a valuable antique, or a family treasure passed down three generations, we cover it to prevent paint spills or accidentally striking it with a ladder or scaffolding. If your home has brand new carpeting or wood floors, we cover it with plastic sheeting and drop cloths to avoid spills and tracking in soil from the outside.

As a locally owned company, Titan Restoration construction crews know that we are helping not just customers, but our neighbors with every task. If you need us to hang new walls, paint ceilings, and more to put a mold infestation behind you, call us at 561-345-3751 today to schedule a service call and receive an estimate of services and cost.

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Ceiling Mold Damage in a Home Florida

Mold Damage Reconstruction In West Palm Beach Homes

West Palm Beach homeowners know quite a bit about water and the problems it can cause when a thunderstorm or a failed shut-off valve drops hundreds of gallons into a residence. Besides the obvious damage, excessive water can also lead to issues with mold.

Mold damage in West Palm Beach can spread rapidly through a home. After a cleaning service removes the mold and any infested property, Titan Restoration can move in to rebuild and return each home to its original condition quickly. In some cases, our construction teams can even change or improve on the structure.

Mold damage repair in progress in a house Florida

Altering home interiors is a skill we’ve learned over the last 10 years to support changing families, especially now with Florida’s growing economy. As a licensed contractor, our builders can easily move interior wall framing to change the length, width, and alter the square footage of almost any room in the home.

With the interior walls stripped down to 2x4s, expanding families often decide to increase the size of bedrooms and eliminate the divider between the dining and living room. Titan builders can perform these tasks by shifting hallways to open up other rooms without affecting support beams or compromising load bearing walls.

After moving the wall framing, our experts can repair or add to wood flooring where needed. If we do not have a particular brand in stock, we can source it and begin laying it in place in only a few days. Other team members can stretch new carpet in place in only a day or two, depending on the size of the area we need to cover.

Families with grown and gone children take an opportunity like this to alter their home as well. We turn bedrooms into offices and even recording studios. In some homes, we combine small living rooms with dining rooms to create an area suitable for entertaining the entire neighborhood.

At Titan Restoration, we can return almost any home to its original condition. If the owner wants to turn a disaster like a mold infestation into an opportunity for remodeling, our specialists are more than happy to accomplish that instead. If you need us, call 561-345-3751 today to schedule an appointment and inspection.

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Mold near radiator

Mold Damage Repair to West Palm Beach Homes

West Palm Beach homeowners, like anywhere else, deal with disasters like fire and storms. A problem that many residents do not consider is the mold which can grow on its own, or receive a boost in growth from storm damage or the water left throughout a home after fire-fighting efforts.

Mold damage repair to West Palm Beach homes requires a professional service like Titan Restoration. Our teams have the tools and training needed to rebuild, repair, or replace damage caused by extensive mold growth.

If the growth went unnoticed long enough to become an infestation, mold spores could penetrate the wood in wall framing and larger support structures. Since wood is more resistant than building material like drywall and has a stronger surface, our technicians can repair or rebuild it after the last trace of mold was cleaned and removed.

For wall framing that supports drywall, enough damage often means replacement. Labor costs are often the largest percentage of a restoration bill, so the time spent inspecting and repairing a section of framing can exceed the time and material cost it takes to replace these minor, interior wall support structures.

mold in the ceiling corner of the bathroom on a residential property in west palm beachIf the mold grew extensively throughout the attic, rafters, ridge boards, and other, major support structures could be at risk. If there is any threat to the overall integrity, Titan restoration technicians install temporary supports and then carefully remove the compromised pieces. Depending on the size of the supports needing replacement, they may remove a section of shingles and underlayment to get them out without damaging the interior of the home.

Bathrooms are often severely impacted by mold. With a certified plumber managing them, our builders can replace everything from floor trim and wall tiles to installing a new sink, cabinets, and even a bathtub or shower.

These first steps make up the majority of Titan Restoration actions to repair and rebuild after the mold has infested West Palm Beach homes. Our goal is to restore your home to its pre-mold condition, no matter the effort. For more information or to schedule one of our repair teams, call us at 561-345-3751 today.

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mold infested damaged house

Titan Can Replace Damaged Materials Following Mold Remediation Work

A disaster in your West Palm Beach home can be challenging to overcome. Widespread and extensive damages throughout the house can prove time-consuming for even experienced restoration specialists. Even after this part of the process, you still have another step to contend with: replacement and rebuilding of removed materials.

While many disasters and emergencies ultimately require remodeling or reconstruction for your residence, one of the most common instances that require this kind of attention is mold growth in West Palm Beach. Once remediation completes within your house by competent and experienced specialists, there are often many areas that require new materials when the old was considered too significantly damaged to salvage. Our experienced Titan team gets equipped with industry leading equipment and holds both county and state certifications and licensing for contracting, making us a wise choice for your required rebuild.

Flooring specialist doing hardwood flooring after mold remediationOnce we are given the reins on your home, we can focus on the ways to not only rebuild the damage you have experienced throughout this ordeal, but also ways to improve the look and functionality of your home moving forward. It is not uncommon for many homeowners to consider ways to remodel and renovate given the need for reconstruction.

This might mean new flooring options for affected areas of your home, new paint or texturing, new fixtures, new layouts, or even something as intricate as replacing supports found in the crawlspace of your Palm Beach residence where the mold damage might have been at its worst.

Our Titan technicians understand the importance of returning your home to the way that it used to be before the mold damage took hold. It is our focus to provide the most efficient service possible, but one that does not falter regarding high-quality results. From replacing entire frameworks for areas of your home to completely revamping the look and feel of a tired interior design, our experienced technicians have the tools and expertise to get it done.

Whether you just need your home returned to the way that it looked before materials were removed, or you want to take this opportunity to modernize and remodel some of the affected areas, Titan Restoration Construction can help you through every step of this process. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (561) 345-3751.

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