How Quickly Can Mold Grow From Water Damage

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Water damage causes unimaginable losses in American homes each year. The average water damage and freezing damage claims in the United States amount to $11,098. Common damage claims include property damage and medical bills. Besides compromising the structural integrity of your building, water damage leads to mold damage that can affect the entire family’s health, especially children and the elderly.

However, mold only thrives and takes over a home if the conditions are ideal for its growth. To successfully answer the question, how quickly can mold grow from water damage, we need to look at the conditions that make it ideal for mold to start growing. This article will discuss the conditions necessary for mold to grow after water damage.

How Fast Does Mold Grow?

According to FEMA, mildew and mold start growing within 24 to 48 hours of water damage. The microorganism can infest your home and grow quickly within 12 days provided the conditions are favorable. How fast mold grows in a home depends on various factors that we’ll explore in the next section.


How Quickly Can Mold Grow From Water Damage


Key Factors that Accelerate Mold Growth

Mold will grow and spread in your home if the following conditions are present.

Excess moisture

Moisture problem is one of the factors that facilitate mold growth. Mold spores can remain on the walls or basement until a water leakage or flood happens for it to start growing. This is why you need water removal services within a few hours to prevent further damage. As long as you have not completely dried up the water, you will create an ideal environment for mold to grow.

To reduce the risk of mold growth, you need to fix water leaks and remove excess water from surfaces immediately after water or moisture damage. Call a mold removal expert as soon as you notice mold marks or a moldy smell.

Water removal can be easy or complex, depending on the level of exposure. While some people attempt to remove water-damaged items and dry their homes by themselves, it is always good to hire a professional water restoration company for water removal and home restoration.

Moisture sometimes comes from the environment and finds its way into the basement, crawlspace, or living space. If your drywall or crawl space has leaks, try insulating it. Consider installing a dehumidifier to absorb the excess moisture from the air.

Mold spores

Mold spores spread rapidly in the air, especially in windy Florida. They are present all year long but grow rapidly during specific times of the year. Expect outdoor mold growth to increase during Winter and Fall. Mold releases spores into the environment, which rest on anything, including your clothes, bags, shoes, and pet’s fur. Some of it can end up in your house and lead to a serious mold problem down the line.


Mold spores


Mold spores can get into your house through openings such as doors and windows. Though spores are not visible to the naked eye, they can cause terrible respiratory problems. Mold spores can remain dormant, waiting for the right environment to grow. During that period, you may notice a lot of allergic reactions as the spores affect indoor air quality. If members of your family start experiencing respiratory problems, call an expert to do a mold assessment and rule out the chances of a mold problem.

High temperature

Mold grows in warm areas. When indoor temperatures exceed 60 degrees Farenheight, mold begins to grow. Most of the time, high temperatures come with a high humidity level. These two conditions are ideal for mold growth. However, too low temperatures freeze mold, while temperatures above 100 degrees kill it. Installing air conditioning units in the house can help prevent mold by creating an unfavorable environment for its growth.

Food source

Mold feeds on organic materials, so it is vital to declutter your home regularly. Basements are notorious for mold growth because they are often dark, damp, and have a lot of organic matter – old cardboard, rotting wooden beams, and cartons. Mold grows on surfaces that can provide food. It grows on painted walls, ceilings, carpets, drywall, and other organic surfaces. If you leave it to continue growing, it will leave you with costly repairs and high medical bills since mold is a health hazard. However, mold grows also on other surfaces such as porcelain and metallic items, especially in the kitchen. Such mold is highly hazardous, and only professional mold removal services can help restore the affected surfaces without exposing your family to health issues.

Poor ventilation

Poor ventilation restricts air circulation, creating a humid environment conducive to mold growth. Rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom have appliances that produce a lot of steam which condenses on surfaces and appliances. If these moist rooms lack proper ventilation, they attract mold. When you start noticing a musty smell in your home, know that mold could be growing somewhere unnoticed. However, do not inspect on your own. Call mold removal experts such as Titan Rebuild, who have specialized equipment for mold detection, testing, and removal for assistance.


Poor ventilation


Looking for mold remediation services in West Palm Beach, FL? Call Titan Rebuild for professional help

West Palm Beach, FL, is generally hot and wet. You will find hazardous mold species such as black mold growing here. With this moisture problem, you need to keep an eye on mold growth in your home. Regular inspections to detect a water leak and immediate drying services after a flood can go a long way in preventing mold growth.

Titan Rebuild is a mold removal and remediation company that can make your home a healthy and comfortable place to live. We have an experienced mold removal team and can respond to emergency calls promptly. We use specialized equipment on all affected surfaces, ensuring your walls and surfaces are properly treated to prevent future mold growth.

If you have experienced water damage, have a moisture problem, or suspect your air conditioner is not working correctly, contact Titan Rebuild for water damage restoration and mold remediation in West Palm Beach, FL.


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