The kitchen could be the heart of any living space. It is such an important setting where you prepare the most basic necessity of life. Remodeling or redesigning the kitchen in your home is a crucial step. Most residential and commercial property owners carry out months of planning and research before deciding to go ahead.

The process of remodeling your kitchen can get more overwhelming than you think, once you wear your design/construction hat, you will face myriads of questions that are often interrelated. Homeowners may make some costly and silly mistakes during kitchen remodeling. This blog post features some common mistakes made by property owners during kitchen renovations.

Not tapping into free space

For most people, a big and spacious kitchen relates to luxury or a unique setting. People who vote for spacious kitchens forget to picture themselves using them. Kitchens are more practical they are compact.

Imagine actively cooking and wanting to cover some distance to pick the next ingredient to add. Even the minute detail such as positioning the refrigeration when spacing out a kitchen can turn out to be important. Ensure a natural flow and that the imperative things are at one hand’s distance.

DIY renovations

You can do years of renovations, go through millions of DIY kitchen remodeling guides and videos, but when it might hurt if you have no previous experience handling a kitchen renovation project.

You definitely cannot churn out a modern gourmet kitchen in a week as they show on YouTube or TV. Consider the time, tools, and complexity of things, and you might realize that it could be better to hire a professional for a project such as Kitchen Remodel Denver (or in other localities). Moreover, you may not have to worry about renting or buying remodeling equipment that can increase your overall project expenses.

Not to forget, once you start the renovation, it may get a bit tedious even if you have accurate answers to the below questions:

  • What is the perfect layout for my setting?
  • How can I strategically set up the lighting and heating?
  • What tile should I use?
  • How to strategically position all other elements within the kitchen?

Failing to consider storage and counter space

Failing to plan enough counter space could be the most frustrating mistake that you could make while renovating your kitchen. Think ahead of your belongings and how you want to store and use them. More storage is never a problem but less makes you regret it. Choose between open, shelves and cabinets to ensure versatility.

Failing to consider how your storage including refrigerator, shelves and dishwasher open is another common mistake. Make sure that they can be opened at the same time even if you position these in close proximity.

Taking it too far:

Don’t load your kitchen with every modern amenity you see on the internet or showrooms. Bear in mind that displayed kitchen amenities are configured to be appealing but they might not look good in your house or office when considering other factors such as available space, design, and functionality.

Overlooking lighting

People consider lighting as given and hardly spent time looking into the options. Keep in mind that lighting is equally important when you consider safety and ambiance. Proper ambiance can set up the mood and help you function efficiently.

Every kitchen should have at least the following three lighting options:

  • Recessed lights: overhead lights used to illuminate the kitchen.
  • Pendant lights: pendant light can add style and focal point for prep areas
  • Task lights: used to increase illumination and to be directed to task areas

Oversized islands

Oversized kitchen islands can make your life in the kitchen hard. Bigger the kitchen island more cumbersome it could become to walk around. Splitting the island into two can help, however, consider available space and other potential design constraints before deciding so.

Not choosing appliances upfront

Avoid choosing the appliances last, especially when you are signing up for a complete kitchen makeover. It is better to confirm the dimensions of the appliances before you start remodeling the kitchen.

Neglecting backsplash

Getting spatters, oils, and grease off the wallpaper and wall can be tedious compared to removing them from a backsplash. Moreover, using chemicals and regular cleaning can cause tears on the paint and wallpaper. Choosing a backsplash is a smart move both practically and aesthetically.

Choosing the wrong benchtop

Marble and natural stoned benchtop can add to the elegance. But they may not be wise if you don’t have additional kitchen counters and you use the kitchen regularly. Marble benchtops can stain easily and natural stone can easily show signs of aging depending on what you keep on top of them on a regular basis.

Cabinet alignment

Failing to align the kitchen cabinets strategically is another kitchen remodeling mistake that homeowners make. A gap between the roof and top of your cabinetry can help accumulate dust and dirt in addition to making the ceiling feel lower.

Neglecting charging slots

Electrical outlets are imperative in modern kitchen designs. Placing these in the right position and in the right numbers throughout the kitchen is inevitable.

Forgetting budget

Think ahead and assess your requirements to come up with a budget. Make sure to consider everything that could go wrong and earmark some finances for emergencies. Planning a comfortable budget during the planning phase of your project is the smartest move.

Going all out with open shelving

Open shelving adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen. Yes, the rate stoneware collection is best portrayed in open shelving. However, is it practical for everyday use? Consider your kitchen elements and your need for open shelving. The stoneware collection might be an item worth showcasing, but are all the other dishware? It is ideal to go with a mix of open and closed shelving.

Insufficient ventilation

Proper ventilation can play a crucial role in helping you address more concerns than you think. To start with, it helps you kill any unpleasant or food odor immediately. In addition to helping you vent smoke and heat, ventilation systems also help to regulate the humidity within the kitchen and thwart concerns such a mold and pests infestation.

Kitchen remodeling can be an overwhelming task that requires time and major decisions. People who resort to DIY kitchen remodeling often end up changing or adding to their project plans post-project commence. Even if you decide to remodel the kitchen by yourself, consulting a remodeling professional to get some advice in advance is a smart move. Keep in mind that even steps such as relocating appliances require rerouting of plumbing and electrical fixtures. It is better to hire a professional to design the kitchen with you rather than to fix the kitchen after it has been designed.


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