Repairing a Fire Damaged Home – 10 Steps to Follow

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Homeowners worldwide fear the consequences of a severe house fire because of the level of damage that can occur in a very short period. House fires can begin for various reasons, some preventable and others that cannot be predicted. From a sudden fire in the kitchen, while cooking to frayed electrical wiring, the causes of a house fire are too numerous to list.

When a Bonita Springs, FL, the home has been affected by the unforgiving flames of a fire, the homeowners will have many things to think about as soon as they discover that the house has been set ablaze. The first thing that most will consider is whether or not the entire family is safe, including your pets. Then the harsh reality sets in that many of your personal belongings and treasured family keepsakes may have been damaged or destroyed by the flames.

Once the shock of the home fire has begun to subside, it is time for the homeowner to start thinking about repairing the fire damage in their home. It can be overwhelming for the homeowner to imagine all the fire restoration work that will need to be completed. This will include issues with the home’s structure, plumbing, electrical system, etc.

That is where a professional fire damage restoration company plays a significant role in all of the work to repair fire damage in your house. At Titan Restoration Construction, our team works quickly during the fire damage repair process to ensure that you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible. Our technicians are trained and certified, so you can rest assured that your fire-damaged house will be restored and repaired efficiently.


Can a Fire Damaged House Be Repaired?

When it comes to repairing a fire-damaged house, the extent and severity of the damage must be assessed to determine what can be salvaged and repaired or restored and what will need to be replaced. Our Bonita Springs, FL, the team at Titan Restoration Construction includes a structural engineer. That individual will determine if there are any structural issues with the home that may make it uninhabitable.

For the most part, the electrical and plumbing systems will likely need to be replaced, drywall and insulation may require replacing, and anything burned by the fire, such as clothing or upholstered furniture, cannot be salvaged. Certain materials in the house can usually be repaired, but your fire damage restoration team will have to decide.

It is also important to consider soot residue and smoke damage during the restoration process. Smoke and soot residue must be thoroughly cleaned to prevent permanent damage to the items they have touched. Soot and smoke damage restoration services are a part of our fire restoration services at Titan Restoration Construction.


Steps in the Fire Damage Repair Process

If your home has been affected by a fire or you want to make sure you know what to do in case of a house fire, here are some important steps to remember. Depending on the extent of the fire and the level of destruction, some of these steps may not apply to your situation, but they are good to know anyway.


Contact a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company Approved by the National Fire Protection Association

Although it may not be the primary thing you consider when a fire has broken out in your home, the first call you should make is to a professional fire restoration company to begin repairing the fire-damaged property.

At Titan Restoration Construction, we begin with the assessment as soon as we arrive at your home and then develop a strategy to repair your fire-damaged house to prevent further damage. With our trained technicians working for you, structural repairs and property damage will be taken care of effectively and efficiently.


Call Your Insurance Company

Another critical call to make is to your insurance company. It would help if you let them know about the fire so that you can start the insurance claims process. Our Bonita Springs, FL, the team at Titan Restoration Construction has ample experience helping homeowners deal with the insurance company. We are happy to provide you with that expertise.


Be Sure the Fire Department Has Secured the House

Before any assessments or repairs can start, we have to ensure that the Bonita Springs, Florida, the fire department has cleared the house for entry. That means that they feel it is safe for everyone to enter the home without the threat of a potential collapse or re-ignition of the fire. Fire-damaged dwellings will need to start the process immediately, but we have to make sure that everyone is safe first.


repairing a fire damaged home


Document and Photograph Everything

As a part of the insurance claim process, you must document and photograph all of the fire damage. Hopefully, these photos and documents will allow your insurance company to process the claim more quickly and approve the claim. We also recommend documenting any mold growth, smoke damage, soot, and water damage resulting from the firefighting efforts.


Board Up and Secure All Windows and Doors

After the flames have been extinguished in fire-damaged homes, the house itself will be exposed to the elements and possible looting. It is important to board up any broken windows and leave only one entryway open. You would not want to add further damage or stress to an already terrible situation.


Assess the Extent of Structural Damage to the House

Before the fire damage repairs can begin, an assessment of the damage should be done by a structural engineer. Charred wood can indicate that there is likely structural damage that will need significant repair.

At Titan Restoration Construction, we will provide a thorough inspection and include all home elements that will need to be repaired. We also take note of lingering smoke odors and the need for soot removal.


Examine the Electrical Wiring and Plumbing

In many house fires, the electrical and plumbing systems will be affected. We recommend having the power and water to the house shut off to prevent significant damage and the threat of injury. If there are frayed or singed wiring or damaged pipes, you will need to have major repairs completed on these systems before they will be in working order again.


Make Sure House Fire-Related Problems Are Part of the Restoration Plan

In addition to the very obvious flame-related damage, other problems will also need to be addressed in the cleanup process. This can include mold development on items such as insulation, sheetrock, and wooden beams.


Do Not Forget about Smoke Damage and Soot Damage Cleanup

Smoke and soot work hand-in-hand with fire damage because extinguishing the flames will result in smoke and soot. The unmistakable smoke smell and the nasty sot residue can be very difficult to eliminate and often requires specialized equipment and cleaning products to get rid of them. Sometimes, they are not repairable, and items will need to be disposed of.


You Will Likely Need Water Damage Restoration As Well

When people think about fire damage, they usually think about blackened and singed walls and crumbling building materials. What most people do not consider in their fire damage restoration plan is the need for water damage restoration.

Because of the efforts of the fire department to extinguish the flames, there will be tons of water getting blasted into your home. In most cases, that water has nowhere to go and will simply pool up throughout the house. Standing water can lead to its kinds of extensive damage that will need necessary repairs. It can also result in mold damage. It is important to ensure that the restoration team and your insurance adjuster consider water damage during their assessments and claims process.


Contact Us for Information on Our Bonita Springs, FL, Fire Restoration Services

If your house or property in Bonita Springs, Florida, has been affected by a fire, contact the restoration experts at Titan Restoration Construction. We have ample experience, skills, and industry-level equipment to complete repairs to serious damage in your home.

Because fire emergencies are not limited to regular business hours, we are proud to offer emergency services 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to ensure that we can begin the restoration process as soon as possible. Our goal is to get your home back to pre-fire conditions.

Titan Restoration Construction has also worked with many insurance companies, so we can assist you with the insurance documents and coordinate with your carrier to get the claim processed quickly. Contact us today to learn more about fire damage restoration in Bonita Springs, FL!


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