5 Risks of Residential DIY Sewage Flood Cleanup

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Sewage water backup is an annoying issue that can disrupt life at your home. The faulty smell from overflowing or blocked sewage is your immediate concern; however, the real problem could be lurking unseen in terms of bacteria and hazardous chemicals. Identifying and addressing a sewer backup is critical to ensure that you do not spend enormous time and money restoring everything to normal.

Considering the consequences of blocked sewages, most homeowners resort to DIY sewage flood cleanup strategies in the long run. However, several risks are associated with a sewage flood that makes it unsuitable for a DIY approach.

Using the Wrong Equipment

A normal household electrical mop and spinning scrubber are good for cleaning up spills or normal water leaks. Sewage flood cleanup demands industry-grade tools to ensure that the contaminated water within the walls, floors, and subfloors is completely removed.

Drying out the contaminated water within the easily overlooked areas or crawlspaces require equipment including dehumidifiers, moisture probe, air scrubbers, and heavy-duty fans.

Health risks

Did you know that there are three water damage types? Most individuals underestimate the severity of the issue at hand and follow DIY strategies without taking the necessary precautions.

Overflowing sewage presents a blackwater contamination risk. Waters from sewers or water containing grease, oil, urine, etc. are ideal examples of black water. Presumably, this water type hoards parasitic microorganisms responsible for health concerns such as polio, cholera, and hepatitis A.

The vulnerability of getting an infection or illness post direct or indirect exposure to black water is more than 90%. It is mandatory to exercise special caution when dealing with black water. The normal gloves or masks you wear while cleaning the bathroom or kitchens using bleach or other chemicals may not cut it when it comes to sewage water cleanup.

An unprofessional job can worsen the issue

Identifying the root cause and addressing it first is the smart means to address a sewage backup. A plumbing blockage or leak, on most occasions, is the trigger for a sewage backup. Most people fail to review the root cause before implementing DIY strategies. Individuals who look into this fail to professionally restore or address the plumbing issue, leaving room for repeated sewage spills.

You can end up paying more

The cost of sewage flood cleanup determines whether to hire a professional or to follow DIY strategies. You need to understand that if you do not have the technical know-how or the expertise, you are more likely to invest far more finance than hiring a professional, at least in the long run.

Factor in the equipment, cleaning solutions to the DIY approach, and you would find the cost almost similar to hiring a professional sewage cleanup service. Moreover, any minor steps you are likely to overlook during the cleanup process can cost you big. For example, ignoring a small watermark or mold spots on the drywall can break your bank in the future. Even when you think that everything has been dried out and restored or replaced in place, it might not mean that your home is safe.

Mold infestation

Any water damage to your house, especially sewage water if not contained in the first 24 to 48 hours, can lead to mold growth. Once the drywalls or ceilings in your property are contaminated or waterlogged, mold starts to grow within walls and crawl spaces and is often difficult to detect and treat; such unseen mold growth has the potential to spread to the ceiling and other surfaces in your home. Moldy walls, with time, can start affecting your health and the building’s structural integrity.

When dealing with sewage water cleanup, it is crucial to have the expertise and foresight of the consequences to ensure that you handle the issue efficiently while leaving no room for reoccurrence. This is where a professional sewage cleanup service, such as Titan Restoration, can be a godsend. We possess the skills, expertise, tools, and machinery to ensure that your home is restored to normal in no time.


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