7 Signs Your Roof Requires Repair

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People usually do not put much thought into their roof; they set it up for once and expect it to protect for eternity. Well, if you do not look up the signs from above, you’ll have to take the hit at the worst possible time.

Damage to a roof can escalate to a major hazard in no time. Roof damages are often hard to detect; your roof always looks good from the outset, unless and until you start noticing those minute signs, you are in for a surprise.

Keep an eye out for the signs of roof damage below to ensure that your roof remains in pristine condition throughout the year and, importantly, to save money and time.

Discoloration or Rusty Stains

Discoloration or water spots on the ceiling are an obvious sign of roof damage. Water from the damaged roof takes time to penetrate the insulation, lean onto the ceiling, and gradually cause discoloration.

Discoloration or water spots on the ceiling are usually formed from inconsistent water leaks. The discoloration usually appears as rings and can be dry to touch at times. Since discoloration takes time to appear, if you spot rusty stains or water spots on your ceiling, remember that your roof has been leaking for some time.

High energy bills

A crack in the roof can let moisture or heat in continuously. Your air conditioning system has to make up for the energy loss or gain by working continuously to regulate the temperature, leading to a spike in energy bills.

Electrical shorts

This might surprise you, but when the roof leaks, water seeps into the ceiling, and leaks in the corner of the room usually help the water seep into the walls. The leaking water can easily get through the electrical wires to the light fixtures and electric points, causing shorts.

An electrical short due to a roof leak is a serious concern that can post health hazards and damage to residential equipment.

Signs of mold

Mold growth is another strong indicator of a roof leak. A leaking roof can create one of the major things that mold needs to grow. Once the stage is set for mold growth, mold can thrive on any material ranging from drywall, ceiling boards, and even clothes.

Mold exposure can create serious health concerns for both your family and pets. Once you notice signs of mold growth, you might have two problems at hand, to eradicate the mold and fix the root cause, i.e., roof leak to prevent mold re-growth.

Noticeable rotting

The rotting of beams in the roof can most likely imply roof leaks. Rotting is a slow process, and it takes some time to reveal; hence, if you notice visible rotting, be aware that the leak has been there for quite a while.

Rotting beams are often replaced completely, and you need a hire a professional to ensure that your roof is in good health and to prevent any chances of collapse.

Warped or broken shingles

Damage to shingles on your roof might be hard to detect unless you take a closer look. It is ideal for inspecting your roof in person and up close at least once every six months.

Another smart move to identify the cracks or holes within the roof would be to closely inspect it during the daytime to determine whether you have any daylight coming in.

Keep an eye out for warped, cracked, and broken shingles, and ensure that you hire a roof specialist, especially if you notice that the problem is at large.

Creaking noises

During the course of roof deterioration, several things are meant to happen for example, failing of plaster, insulation, cracking of beams and even falling shingles. All these include one common thing, i.e., sound.

Be on the lookout for any sounds from your ceiling or roof to capture any concern at the earliest.

Roof repair can be an overwhelming task, and finding the issues with your roof can be the trickiest part. However, investing some time to do the initial investigation will certainly help you address it with less money and time. Nothing worse can happen to your house than a collapsed roof.


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