11 Construction Site Safety Measures Adopted by Titan

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Irrespective of the industry, all employers should adopt measures to ensure the safety of their active employees. However, the complexity of the safety measures & policies to be adopted varies with each industry. The safety measures enforced in an office, for instance, might be lean compared to the set of safety measures or procedures to be followed at a construction site.

Did you know that Florida has recorded an average of 250 fatalities every year from 2009 to 2018?

Fatal Occupational Injuries In Florida – 2018

As per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Fatal work injuries totaled 332 in 2018 for Florida,

Construction sites, without a doubt, present additional hazards that have to be accounted for. Enforcing, reviewing and daily briefing of construction safety measures earns a top position in our daily checklist.

Safety training/induction

We ensure that all workers are trained and certified before they commence any activities onsite. The necessity for additional certifications for using specialized equipment is evaluated frequently. Our training or induction programs are customized to help each and every worker to identify any potential health hazards that might arise during their work routine.

Site security

We foresee the potential risks related to site security and adopt strict measures to protect contractors from liability and negligence. Titan’s site security measures in terms of supervision or restricted site access are not only enforced during the work hours but post business hours as well.

Setting up signage/Follow safety signs and procedures

Signage/Safe work method statements (SWMS) are erected throughout the construction sites. We make sure that the SWMS are strategically placed and comes along with a 24-hour emergency number, a site map that also locates the office. Emergency exits, fire extinguishers, first aid provisions, and other amenities on-site are also plotted on the SWMS.

Environmental conditions

Titan ensures an active contingency plan that guides all workers on what to do in case of unfavorable weather conditions or other emergency situations.

Provide personal protective (PPS) equipment

High vis vests, head & fall protection gears, safety goggles, and harnesses are mandatory on-site. We ensure that all the protective gears meet minimum industry standards depending on the work type.

Report defects and near misses

Our training program helps the workers to identify a potentially dangerous situation or defects with the equipment they are handling at an early stage. All employees are encouraged to report any such defects or near misses during the daily pre-work briefing.

Never tamper with equipment

Equipment tampering is a No-no at Titan. Irrespective of the demand of the situation, all employees are strictly advised to not force or alter any equipment. Attempts to fix even simple equipment without being competent to do so is discouraged.

Being tidy

At Titan, we make sure that the worksite is clean of debris and equipment. We are against worksites cluttered with idle machinery, tools, and other work gears. Each day ends with moving all the equipment and work debris/wastes to allocated storage or locations.

Have a Safe Work Assessment Process in Place

We ensure that an SWMS is signed off prior to commencing any critical or high-risk construction work. The SWMS will feature the scope of work and information on potential risks and how to manage them.

Electrical safety

Electrical safety is sensitive and Titan addresses the potential risks by ensuring the following:

  • Grounding all power transmission lines
  • Insulating all electrical products
  • De energizing idle heavy equipment
  • Testing all extensions regularly to prevent chances of overloading
  • Testing the environmental conditions where equipment are used (e.g., checking for dampness or dust/debris)

Addressing Chemical Storage Safety Requirements

Improper handling/storage of chemicals at the worksite can trigger asphyxiation, chemical injury, and pollution. We employ high quality and complaint storage solutions preferably outside the worksite to handle any chemical triggered health risks.

For Titan, workplace safety of employees and other stakeholders is an absolute priority. We encourage each employee, even the beginners to ask questions when in doubt. For example, if they do not know how to operate equipment or to do a safety check, we encourage them to ask questions prior to proceeding. Site engineers and project engineers carry out routine security checks in addition to taking part in the daily safety briefing.


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