The Top 8 Mold Removal Techniques

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Mold is more than a simple inconvenience. They can harm your health and weaken the structural integrity of your building. Thankfully, a good restoration company like Titan Rebuild can help you remove mold from your property and reverse any damage it might have done.

If you need our mold removal services, call our team at Titan Rebuild or fill out the form on our website. We respond almost immediately and will send a team to inspect your property with no strings attached.

We are here to prioritize mold cleanup, mold remediation, and indoor air quality. Our mold remediation process will account for surface mold and mold problem issues that exist throughout the property.

Our team realizes that you want to minimize mold materials, find hidden mold, and remove elements that may produce allergens.

Whether they are on porous materials or wood surfaces, if we find moldy surfaces, we will ensure to address them.

Here is a rundown of the top 8 mold removal techniques we use for our clients. These techniques make it into our list because they are practical and cause minimal damage to properties.


1. Dry Ice Blasting

Dry ice blasting is our chemical-free technique for removing mold from properties.  As the name implies, this process uses dry ice to remove molds. It is an eco-friendly technique. Because it doesn’t involve the use of chemicals, there are no health risks attached.

With this method,  you and your family can move in just as we finish working on your property. Plus, you don’t have to deal with any leftover chemical odor.


2. Air Treatment

We use the air treatment technique when we want to remove excess moisture from the air. Mold thrives on moisture.  The best places for mold growth are the moist areas on your property that get a lot of moisture and very little or no sunlight.

We can remove roughly 50 gallons of water from the air with our dehumidifiers. This method helps us treat other mold growth causes such as water damage and flooded basements.

We like to do a thorough job. So when the situation demands it, we bring out our HEPA air scrubbers and vacuums to remove particles from the air. One of the things we remove is mold spores. Why? Because if we don’t remove the mold spores, they can find a place in your home to settle and grow.


Air Treatment


We also use these techniques to remove odor and keep your air clean.


3. Wire Brushing

We have big machines, but some situations require delicate handling and precise tools. One example is our wire brushing technique. When dealing with mold in small areas, we apply our wire brush techniques.

This technique ensures we can remove the mold without damaging your walls and materials.


4. Sanding

Our sanding technique is another example of our delicate handling techniques. We use the sander to uproot the mold and then vacuum it with our HEPA vacuum. We mainly use the sanding technique for moldy wood.

Please, do not try this on your own. Sanding moldy wood can expose you and your family to harmful mold spores. Get a professional to do this on your behalf.


5. Cleaning And Sanitation

When we carry out our mold remediation, we also carry out extensive cleaning and sanitation of the entire property. We vacuum surfaces to get rid of mold spores and wipe surfaces, and other ways to make your home free from mold spores.


Cleaning And Sanitation


6. Scrubbing with Antimicrobial Cleanser

When it comes to nonporous surfaces like metal, glass, tubs, sinks, toilets, and tiles, we often use antimicrobial cleaners to remove mold. This method is an effective way to remove mold without spending too much time. You can try this technique independently, but you need the proper protective gear. If you don’t have the equipment, skill, or time, give us a call. We will handle it for you at an affordable price.


7. Disposal Of Unsalvageable Materials

Sometimes, we encounter infected materials that we cannot salvage while performing mold removal. In cases like that, the best option is the disposal technique. Yes, it means we will get rid of the infected material.

The usual materials we throw out are porous. These include carpets, insulation ceiling tiles, couch cushions, mattresses, and drywall. Even if you scrub hard to remove the mold, they still contain mold spores. Within a few weeks, you will be dealing with mold infestation.

Getting rid of the materials on your own might not be a good idea. First, you need the proper protective gear to ensure you don’t put yourself at unnecessary risk. Second, you need to handle the materials properly, so they don’t spread their mold to other materials. Lastly, you must dispose of the material property as mold spores can travel through the air and enter your home.

Best advice: get an experienced restoration company to assess your home and carry out any necessary disposal.


8. Mold Removal From Ductwork

If you have mold growths in your HVAC system, you need to call a professional. Don’t take our word for it; it is what the Environmental Protection Agency recommends. Many things can go wrong if you try to remove mold from your ductwork on your own. This technique requires special equipment and experienced handling.

The complicated nature of this technique also means you should only hire a reliable and experienced restoration company like ours to carry out this type of mold removal.


Win the fight Against Mold with our Professionals Services

Are you battling mold growth? We are the ones to call. We’ve been helping homeowners for decades to overcome mold growth and infestation. It’s time for you to address moldy materials and address the mold problem within your property head-on.

If you need assistance when it comes to black mold removal or needs to address all the mold within your property, remember our team at Titan Rebuild can certainly help.

Call our team to be connected with a technician. We will also inspect and assess your home with no obligations attached.

Whether the mold problems are present within the air ducts or in other affected areas, you can be sure that we will address the issue.

Call us today!


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