Mold remediation palm beach gardens

Tips on Removal and Cleanup of Mold in Homes and Commercial Buildings

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Mold Remediation Palm Beach Gardens

Mold detection in homes and buildings is crucial for property owners as it can cause cosmetic damage and staining if it is not removed immediately. Mold also weakens the structural integrity of the home and every effort should be made to quickly contact the best mold remediation Palm Beach Gardens Company to carry out the job.

Here are some tips on how to prevent mold problems in the homes, buildings and condominiums:

  • The indoor humidity should not exceed 70% as this invites mold growth indoors.
  • There should be ventilation for air movement and this can be achieved with dehumidifiers and air conditioning.
  • Indoor plants also encourage mold growth as the humidity increases when you water the plants frequently.
  • Use the exhaust fan when you are in the shower.
  • Do not dry wet linen, towels or clothes indoors.
  • Maintain and record a log book to note the humidity levels in each room in the house.
  • Air conditioners should be cleaned every three months as it collects dust and dirt. Due to the water in the unit, condensations takes place internally and the mold spores are blown into the living areas when there is mold growth.
  • Use filters to trap the mold spores so that they cannot blow mold spores into the rooms and harm the members in the home.
  • Wipe the walls and floors in the home once a month to make sure that no mold thrives on the spores and dirt. The cabinets in the kitchen and bathroom should be wiped along with the rest of the furniture.

Regular inspection is necessary to note if there are leaks or standing water collecting in any part of the home. Call the mold remediation Palm Beach Gardens service provider if you notice any problem.

  • Check the water source to identify the cause for mold growth.
  • Your family should be protected from health risks caused by mold, bacteria and fungi.
  • Do not attempt to try to remove mold that has spread over a ten square feet area as professional equipment and technical know how is required to cope with the removal.
  • Do not entertain companies that try to tackle the problem with spot cleaning and fogging. Professional dehumidifiers and blowers are required to handle the mold remediation.

How to ensure that mold growth does not occur again after a cleanup?

  • Moisture is the worst enemy where mold is concerned. If there is a water source with 60% relative humidity, mold will germinate and grow. It is therefore necessary to ensure that there are no leaky pipes or roofs, standing water and bursts in the home or building.
  • Try to use slabs when building on your properties. They dry out after a rainy season without drying upward and allowing moisture to travel.
  • If the drywall has become wet, the baseboards should be taken out and the moisture should be dried out with special blowers and dehumidifiers.
  • Regularly keep a check on the Ac and ensure that the filters are changed. If you notice a leak, make sure to use a catch pan that has a drain pipe underneath.
  • Invest in a humidistat for the AC system as it will test the humidity in the room. This can also be set to create air flow when the humidity level rises above 58%. This will dry the air and lower the humidity level.
  • Maintain your home in good condition and ensure that all the water pipes and window seals are regularly checked.

Sign a contract with a reliable mold remediation Palm Beach Gardens to take care of all mold problems in the home.