Planning New Construction?

Titan Restoration Construction can Build it for You

Building a new home or business from the ground up is always an exciting time. Even so, things must be done correctly, or unforeseen problems can result. Experts with years of experience in new construction should be consulted before beginning.

Plans on paper, blueprint, and ideas that all come together should be worked out well in advance to assist in purchasing of the correct materials, and in the necessary amounts. Having too much or too little can either cause you to spend unnecessarily or put your project on hold while the needed materials are delivered. Titan Restoration Construction professionals are the experts you need for any building project, large or small.

Planning New Construction

Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

We firmly desire you not simply to be happy with the finished construction, but completely thrilled with it, immediately, and also for years to come. We strive to use the best building materials and products possible when we choose them ourselves with your input, but we can also build your project with any materials you’ve already selected and purchased. We also want your creativity to shine throughout your entire home or business, and welcome your input during all stages of construction.

Our Design Process

We will ensure that you are a part of the design process, but understand that you may already have a concept. We can work with you to also alter and modify plans that you have pre-purchased or developed to make a unique, one-of-a-kind dwelling for you and your family or something special to enthrall your clients and customers. New construction projects are a significant investment, and we always treat them as such.

We Have You Covered

Titan Restoration Construction has the heavy equipment needed to get your project off to a great start, and can ensure that all earth-moving is done by competent personnel, helping to ensure that problems in the future with retaining walls and basement floors are watertight and constructed correctly. A solid foundation is vital to any structure’s future.

Water Damage Construction

Details – Large and Small

From the ground up to the top of the roof, and everything in between, we have experience in constructing with the best techniques to mitigate any settling of your house or structure over the first few years. Interior details are just as important as exterior ones, and we pay attention to both. Your family will be pleased to call your new house a home for decades to come.
To get started with your new construction project, make a call to Titan Restoration Construction at (561) 250-7392. We’ll make sure that your project receives the attention it deserves and the skills that it requires at all stages of construction.