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Titan Construction is your go-to company when you have a pressing need to maintain business operations after a devastating event. When a commercial business, whether a fabricating plant, warehouse, retail store, office, or a big-box enterprise cannot remain open because of a natural disaster, structural failure or unexpected  water, fire or mold emergency, rely on Titan Restoration Construction to get you “back in business” as soon as possible.

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Every commercial emergency has its own set of unique circumstances that must be resolved. We rapidly dispatch a Titan inspector(s) to assess the damage, and develop a comprehensive action plan to re-open your doors as expediently, and as economically as possible. We realize that time is money and customer loyalty can be a fleeting commodity; our efforts are directed to limit your expenses while minimizing the timeline to completion of the rebuild project. We have extensive experience in working with insurance companies and adjusters, employing the industry standard Xactimate System, to achieve a fair and equitable conclusion to your claim. We will assist with the claim, bill directly your agency, relieving you of unwanted stress and allowing you to focus on your business needs.

Sudden business emergency closings can result in total commercial failure at worst, or fast restoration and reconstruction to mitigate loss of revenue at best. Titan Restoration Construction is well positioned to remedy catastrophic damage caused from natural disasters like storms, floods, and fires. Our project manager’s handle large-scale rebuilds down to small restoration jobs. With over 10 years experience in the local market, industry leading equipment and highly trained personnel, we can surpass your expectations and make it our business to keep you in business.

fast restoration and reconstruction

Mitigating damage is something that’s a top priority for any business owner when the unexpected happens. Take comfort in knowing Titan Restoration Construction is your top choice for commercial restoration services. Our specialties with restoration are:

  • Mold-related removal
  • Fire water damage restoration

Commercial Mold Removal

Whether it’s from a water leak, burst pipe, or damage from water that was used because of a fire, mold can present a wide range of dangers and risks in a commercial space. Mold can affect everything from plaster and upholstery in waiting areas to carpeting and floor tile that’s in offices or manufacturing/work areas.

Even concrete-covered commercial surfaces can be affected by mold issues. Mold, especially if it’s not detected and remove as quickly as possible, could also affect your inventory, or create an unsafe environment for your employees and customers.

During the process of removing mold in a commercial building, our experts typically take the following steps:

  • Determining the extent of mold contamination
  • Correcting the issue(s) that caused the mold in the first place
  • Removing affected materials and items from your commercial space(s)
  • Cleaning all non-porous materials and other affected areas and surfaces
  • Properly and thoroughly drying the affected area(s)

Once all the work is done, we’ll do a final inspection. This will ensure that your commercial space is mold-free and ready to be safely used again for its intended purpose.

Signs of Mold Problems

Not all commercial mold issues are obvious. We also encourage you to reach out to our team if you are noticing signs of commercial space mold problems that could include:


  • A rise in respiratory ailments among your employees
  • A musty odor that indicates the presence of mold
  • Dark spots on ceiling tiles, walls, or floors

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Understandably, fire damage can be absolutely devastating to any business. Firefighting efforts can cause a wide range of damage as well in addition to what was done by the first itself from the smoke and soot. There’s also likely to be damage from the water that was used to fight the fire. Plus, there could be additional fire-related damage from sprinklers and other fire suppression systems you may have within your commercial property.

Because we know that time is money for business owners, you can count on our team to come prepared to restore your property and peace of mind. We take care of every phase of the fire damage restoration process. You can count on our trained team to:

  • Arrive promptly
  • Thoroughly assess the damage
  • Present a personalize restoration plan to restore your business
  • Repair the fire damaged areas since rebuilding is something we’re equally capable of doing well
  • Document everything for insurance purposes and lend a hand with other insurance-related details*

*We do this with all of our commercial restoration efforts.

We are fully prepared to handle all types of fire damage that could affect commercial properties. We can do smaller restorations limited to single areas. We’re also capable of planning and completing larger restoration projects related to fire damage that extends to multiple locations on your commercial property.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

When you’re dealing with commercial water damage, time is of the essence. Our seasoned professionals will arrive at your commercial location ASAP to size up the situation and recommend a customized restoration plan. There are many possibilities and variables that can be associated with water damage. And this is why our team is prepared to handle a wide range of situations related to this type of damage. Our restoration process with water damage issues typically involves:


  • Removing water-damaged items from the affected area(s)
  • Determining the full extent of the water damage – and its source(s)
  • Closely monitoring the drying process
  • Using advanced equipment and techniques to quickly and effectively restore water-damaged commercial spaces

As for what could cause water damage in commercial spaces, one possibility is water that was used to put out a fire. You may also experience issues with commercial water damage due to:

  • Undetected leaks
  • Roof issues
  • Burst pipes
  • Flooding, if your business is susceptible to this type of damage
  • Sump pump failures if your business has a basement or crawlspace with a sump pump

Let Us Restore Your Peace of Mind

Get back to focusing on your business and let Titan Restoration Construction take care of your commercial mold removal and fire or water damage mitigation and restoration needs. We’ll get you started with an honest estimate and initial assessment.

Contact our courteous, skilled staff today to make arrangements for prompt, affordable assistance.

If your commercial property suffers any type of damage, from a sprinkler system malfunction to a car driving in to your salon, call us for a fast professional response.